Feeling energy

energyQ.  Why do I feel so sad and empty today. What is going on?

A.  Think about the energy of the home that you are sitting in right now. You are picking up the residual pain and sadness of the recent loss that occurred. This is something that you do, tune into the energy of the places that you are in. That is why some stores are so hard for you to be in as well.

Everyone picks up energy in the places they go into. Some people feel this more than others depending on how you are “wired” so to speak. Some of you are just more sensitive to energy as this is how you tune into information – by feeling the energy around you

This can be a challenge as it is hard for you to determine what is your own feelings and what are the feelings of the energy that you are perceiving at the time. Most of what you are feeling today is the energy of the place you are in and not your own situation.

It is important that you learn to distinguish what is yours and what is not yours and there are several ways that you can do this.

One is to change locations. If you feel sad in one location, go somewhere else, like out into nature. Then pay attention to how you feel. Does the feeling change? And give yourself some time before you make this determination for it can take a while for the energy to shift in you , but most often about 10 minutes as you know time will do.

If you find yourself starting to feel better, you can be fairly certain that it is the energy of the place that you have been feeling, not what is going on inside of yourself that is causing you to feel this way.

Another thing you can do is to say a prayer of protection, to surround yourself in the love and light of source in whatever way you prefer to do. Just bring in the light of source and surround yourself with this energy and see how you begin to feel. Again, giving yourself some time for the shift to occur.

For some of you, the energy shifts will be instantaneous, but most often there is a time delay as the energy you have picked up moves out from your system of sensing.

Another way that you can determine the source of the feeling is to tune into your intuition. That higher part of your being can tell you what is going on as well. You just need to ask, “Is this mine?” and you can determine if this is your feeling being generated by you or if you are tuning into the energy around you.

Having this ability to tune into the energy fields in a location is a gift, but unless you learn to determine what is your own feeling and what is the feeling from the location, it can be a challenge to have this gift. The exercises I have explained are helpful to learn to distinguish the source of your feeling.

And the upside to this gift is when you go into a holy place or are in the presence of someone with a high level of light energy that emanates into a room. Not only do you have the ability to tune into the uncomfortable feelings in the location, but you also tune into the light energy of locations. This is the gift, feeling the energy of source that is uplifting and feels so good to be with.

This ability is one way to gather information about people and places, by feeling the energy. Once you can distinguish what is not yours, you can use this information to know what is happening energetically. This can be most helpful to distinguish the best locations and people to be with to feel uplifted.

This also helps you to know if someone is distressed and in need of loving support for you can feel this need in their location for the energy of pain and sorrow does accumulate in the locations where people experience these feelings.

You all have this ability built in as part of your sensory system. For some of you this is more well developed. You can easily learn to use this gift to your advantage for it is a form of communication that you can use to gather information to help you in your work and life.

I love you – LOTS


8 Responses to Feeling energy

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  3. Rachel says:

    I have always felt this way but I have a hard time figuring out if its me or the people around me.. How can I control the energy better ? I had past situations where I actually felt something bad was going to happen and visioned what was going to happen so I got away. What does that mean? Am I really gifted? Thank you Sheryl for this website:) Please reply thanx

  4. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Rosana & Sheryl

    AA Michael cutting the cords is so effective. Recently on the 10-10-10 I felt the presence of AA Michael. I had been meditating and sending healing energies for the collective core wound of ourselves and Gaia. AA Michaal appeared and said `You are one of mine’ to me. I could sense that he was carrying a sword and he seemed to be very tall. He stood behind me and has never left my side since.
    The day after this happened I asked for proof that it was his presence that I was feeling ( I always do this … I don’t think there is any offence caused 🙂 I went on to look at a Reiki website which I belong to and there was a discussion about AA Michael. It is not something which is discussed often on that website and the discussion itself was a year old. Anyway, someone had added a comment only a couple of hourse earlier about how AA Michael can cut these energetic cords . How they found this old discussion I do not know … but that was proof enough for me. Sorry .. didn’t mean to `hog your blog’ about it Sheryl .. I wrote about it myself but I felt that it was something to share.
    It really does work for energetic protection.
    Thanks for all you are doing Sheryl and thank you for the wonderful message from LOTS.

    Much Love


    • sheryl says:

      Thanks for sharing this info. It is another way of letting go of other’s energy.

      I’ve also learned that you can set the intent ahead of time to not take any energy on.

      Knowing this is so helpful.

      Thanks – Sheryl

  5. sheryl says:

    Feeling the energy of others and places has always been a challenge for me. I did not even know what was happening until a couple of years ago when I started to read information about being highly sensitive and empathic. Always thought that I was just “too sensitive” as I was told in a demeaning way. Good to know it’s a gift and that it can be managed. Still learning to do this effectively.

  6. Rosana says:

    I was thinking about this yesterday. I felt an energy of frustration and worry in the air but it didnt feel quite mine.. in the past I’d have claimed it as my own and fall into depression but Im learning to distinguish the difference now and am able to push it away or transmute it most of the time. I have trouble doing that with a certain person in my life, I tune in too much into their energy(unwillingly)and it’s torture sometimes.
    I call upon AAMichael’s sword to cut these cords.
    Thank you Sheryl and LOTS,
    Have a beautiful day!

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