Soooooo tired – again

Just want to say thanks for the feedback from everyone about not taking on other people’s energy. This has been so helpful as I learn not to take on other people’s stuff. I’ve learned to call on Archangel Michael to cut the attachments if I end up taking on other people’s stuff and to just set the intention that I will not take on other people’s energy. Most helpful.

I’ve also been learning more about what happens when I go through a personal energy shift – which for me usually shows up as “can’t get up off the couch” fatigue. I am writing this from my favorite couch, of course.

I always associated the fatigue with energy shifts that were going on at a planetary level, but not ones that were happening just to me. Now I know that this also happens when we have energy work done that is facilitated by others and when things happen like my experience of allowing the Lady of the Sun to use my voice and her need to adjust my energy system to allow this to happen.

I had an amazing energy session the other day with a new friend who offered to do a session with me to help me with some business issues – well not actually the business, but how my personal stuff affects my ability to run a business. She did some energy work and said that I might feel tired afterwards.

I remembering asking my guides for proof that a shift was happening and proof I got in the form of a full body shutdown. I need to stop asking for proof and learn to just trust the process.

My guides tell me that I need to be still and quiet to make the energy shift easier on my physical body, as if I could do anything else today.

I also find that when this is happening, I don’t have the same open link with the beings in spirit who speak to me. For some reason, this shuts down as well. It’s been pretty quiet lately, but this ability always returns and usually in an improved version.

So for right now, I won’t be passing along any messages until this connection returns. I have a number of people on the list for free mini messages and I will get them out to you as soon as possible, so please be patient.

Blessings, Sheryl


6 Responses to Soooooo tired – again

  1. Dorothy says:

    I tell ya… these affect me by having travelling pains appear in my body. I start thinking omg, now what is wrong with me?? then the pain moves somewhere else the next day! I sure miss the days when I woke up feeling healthy….now it’s a guessing game what part of me is going to hurt that day. 😦
    I do clearing and cleansing of my body, physically and energically daily in the shower and when I meditate I ask for help with this clearing and I believe that helps. Also I set my intention to keep other people’s energy outside of mine so I don’t absorb their stuff into me, something I did for years.
    All we can do is keep on with our highest intentions.
    Oh and tell Mother Mary, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing what she suggested. Big gulp!
    Feel better Sheryl, we love reading your posts!

    • sheryl says:

      Sounds like there is a lot of stuff going on energetically. No wonder I’m so out of whack. Since yesterday, I’ve started getting pain in my body for no reason. Seems to be centered in each chakra. Interesting. At least, I’m not so tired today.

  2. sandy says:

    Hi Sheryl, We are also enjoying the Venus retrograde. It’s been retro for a couple of weeks or so and will head forward again on the 18’th. I have learned to dread major retrogrades and this one is a doozy. I have been bouncing around from one buried issue to another. And the Solar energy makes me feel like I’m on the very edge….but hey, when I fall off, maybe I will land in the 5th!
    I think it would be really interesting to read everybodies mini messages, but we could do it anonymous if some would prefer. I have learned so much from other peoples readings.

  3. matarikidimension says:

    Sending you love Sheryl.There is a lot going on … a huge shift from Nov 3rd until today the 7th also .. the solar flares as mentioned by Karla.
    I slept in today until 10.10am ( I had to laugh when I looked at my mobile and that was the time … all these signs in numbers at the mo.)

    Go with it … relax. It’ll all sort itself out..

    Much Love

  4. Karla SM says:

    Hello Sheryl,

    I found another way to track down energy shifts, today there is one. At this point there are shifts almost every week but for a while I’ve been studying a bit the relationship between solar flares and shifts and there seems to be a strong relationship, since the Sun brings the Cosmic energy to the Solar system to make ascension happen.

    Lately, more people are interested in the Sun’s movements as some scientists have now found a relationship between solar flares and depression, and other mood swings.

    Here is a site where anyone can track solar flares:

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