chakraToday is a very special day if you are looking at it from an energetic standpoint. There is the opportunity today for everyone on the planet to raise their vibrational frequency just by setting the intention that this be so.

There are many around the world, beings of light that is, gathering later in this day to pray for peace and light for the planet. Such a huge request for light will create an opening to allow more light to flow onto the planet and to connect with anyone who sets the intention for this to happen, which really means saying, yes, I would like to receive this light energy. Doing this will raise your own vibration.

There is more to this energy of light download than this, but it is beyond the understanding of many unless you know quantum physics and the properties of light from a scientific standpoint. As this knowledge is important for only some to know, I will not address it at this time. Just know that your scientists will be able to measure a difference in vibrational energy after today. The frequency of the planet will be raised.

To assist with this process, you may join in  with one of the many energy groups who are meeting today either in person or via the internet or just setting the intention to connect at a certain time.

From our perspective, the exact time that you say a prayer for peace and positive change on the planet and ask for a download of light energy does not matter, for time as you know it is really an illusion. You may just pick a time that suits you to connect with the divine energy in whatever way you are comfortable with and think thoughts of peace and light and ask to be connected to the light energy.

To make this connection, you may first feel the light energy in your own body and then create a pillar going from the top of your head, down your spine and down your legs to the ground and bring the light energy of the divine into your body in this way.

Once you feel this light anchored into you and going down into the earth, you may then choose to send the light out through your heart to the world around you. By doing this, you are acting as a physical channel to bring in and share divine light.

And, it does not matter what day you choose to do this either. You may do this with others on 11-11 at a certain time, do this on your own this day, or do it at a later date. We just ask that you take the few minutes needed to bring in this energy to anchor in the planet and send out to the world around you. This is a service that you can provide to heal yourself and the planet and raise the vibrational energy.

I will leave you with a final thought, What is going on inside of you that keeps you from believing that you are anything other than a divine aspect of Source, on the planet to do divine work in the role of lightworker as it is called by many? This is the truth of who you are and why you are here. Know this to be true.

I love you, LOTS


2 Responses to 11-11

  1. Karla SM says:

    Let’s do it!!!

    Love to all

  2. Rosana says:

    Thank you dear Sheryl and LoTS,
    I allow myself to be a physical channel to bring in and share divine light on the planet.

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