Energy shift

I am so excited today to report to you all that the energy shift that was made on 11-11 was beyond what was expected. So many of you heard the call and anchored in the energy that the vibration of the planet has raised. This will soon be confirmed by your scientists. You may also expect this to show up as solar flares.

Well done all of you. Not only has the energy of the planet been raised, but each of you who participated and asked to be part of this energy download has been affected. This is the upside.

The downside for many of you is that with an influx of energy there comes a period of clearing and energetic shifting which can cause some fatigue or physical discomfort depending on where your system is in need of adjustment.

And some good news for those of you who are concerned about the extra weight that you have been carrying to assist you with the energy adjustments, we now expect it to be about 6 – 8 months for this transition to be completed and your body will naturally go back to its natural weight set point.

Our thanks for your participating in raising the vibration of your planet.

I love you, LOTS – Lady of the Sun


2 Responses to Energy shift

  1. Rosana says:

    Wonderful News! thank you :-))))

  2. Cheryl says:


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