Oh my goodness!

The past few weeks have gone by in a whirl of activity, interspersed with days of fatigue that had me flat out on the couch – again. The energy shifts continue to happen and affect everyone differently, and I know I’m not alone.

It feels like time is going by so fast and it’s hard to finish everything that I want to do in a day. So often I’ll notice that it’s lunch time and it feels like I’ve just started the day. And then at other times, time seems to go so slow. Very strange.

I’ve been getting out more than in the past since I decided to come out of hiding, but have discovered that I am so much more sensitive to energy that I ever was. I’ve been learning ways to keep myself from getting swamped by other people’s energy but don’t quite have this under control. It’s gotten that I can’t go into certain places or be with certain people without feeling really drained.

And, I had a reading done with a intuitive named Marilyn Rossner. She had come to the city near my home and did an evening session which included mini readings for the audience and I booked a private session with her. The information that she passed along really rocked my world and got me looking at my future work from a bit different perspective.

Shortly after that, I did a channeling session for myself and a friend and Lady of the Sun gave us both some information to consider about our future work. Again, this gave me information about work that was beyond what I had thought I could be doing.

This all left me feeling confused and unsettled. I had developed a pretty clear plan for my work and was being asked to go in a bit different direction. Still doing similar work, but much more focused on healing, especially emotional healing.

After all the years I spent working in mental health and my challenges with being burned out doing this work, it was the last thing that I wanted to be doing in the future. But, I’ve been asked to reconsider doing this work to help people overcome the blocks that get in the way of success, which most often is related to an emotional wound.

I’m still being a bit resistant to this change of plans, but I am slowly warming up to the idea and the universe keeps sending me people who I’ve been able to support in this way.

Walking on the 4th path, that is following my inner guidance each step of the way is really a challenge for me at times, and this is one of those times. I like to have clear plans and then follow those plans, but it doesn’t always work like this when following the guidance that my higher self & spirit friends give me. I don’t always want to change my plans.

But I need to learn to trust fully and accept that beings in spirit can see everything from a different perspective and can glimpse into the future potentials and then guide me in the direction of the highest good. I’m not quiet there yet, but they are so loving and patient. I know they will just continue to guide me gently and support me through the temper tantrums, the resistance and the fears that keep coming up.

Following spiritual guidance is not the easiest road to walk down. It is so different than how I have always done things and it means having trust. But there is something magical when I get fully into this flow, where things keep falling into place perfectly when I get out of the way and let go of my preference to be in control.

It isย  an amazing journey. Wonder what comes next?


6 Responses to Oh my goodness!

  1. Gwendolyn says:

    Time has been moving at a faster pace, it seems to me. I actually asked my guides to slow things down a bit for me yesterday as I just felt overwhelmed and so tired of going, going, going. “Ease me up”, we say in Bermuda, when we feel like too much is being expected.
    I’ve been traveling in the states for the past three weeks and I miss my solitude on the island. All of the people and cars and everything here is so much faster and bigger and the energy so draining. Back home I go days without seeing the public, and I like that!
    And I totally understand about feeling drained by certain places and certain people now. I have a friend back home that I have come to realize that being around her does not uplift me at all, it drags me down, no matter how positive and upbeat I try to be around her, she is a gaping black hole of misery. Any time that I spend with her drains me and I spend days trying to get back to center. I don’t want to be around her anymore at all. I’m not clear right now on how to handle that beyond just ignoring her. I want to know what to say without hurting her feelings, which is next to impossible as she is so insecure and emotionally immature. Maybe the Lady of the Sun can give us some guidance on how to deal with energy vampires?
    As stunned as you are at the mere suggestion of returning to your old line of work, I think that as we awaken to our inner presence we just learn how to channel God’s energy into our everyday lives, into all the work that we do, making the ordinary sacred. Imagine if everyone channeled light into their “normal” jobs what a beautiful world this would be. We are not all going to become readers and psychics, everyone is going to learn that we all have inner guidance that we can tap into to enrich our ordinary,mundane jobs and turn them into paths of service to the light!

    • Karla SM says:

      I agree!! I too would like to know more on how to become as efficient as possible these days as time if definitely “accelerating”. I just read yesterday in a post that each day has currently a duration of what is equivalent to just 16 hours instead of 24.

      Also, as the new energies are entering, I am starting to feel so much like never before from the reflections of the mass consciousness which is making me feel very uneasy and even fears that are not even mine at all. Very draining. Along with the usual releases I must go through which are mine.

      If there is a way in which we can simplify things lately I’ll be glad to listen to any suggestions.


  2. jane says:

    Hi Sheryl:
    Thank you for being so brave, standing so tall and shining your light for us to see. I can’t wait to learn more about the work you will be doing.

  3. sheryl says:

    Thanks for the book ideas. I’ll see if I can find them. Sounds like they would be helpful to read.
    Blessings, sheryl

  4. hansa says:

    Hi Sheryl
    I guess you must read Michael Brown’s books titlied “The Presence Process” and “Alchemy of the heart”. It would for sure bring the much needed emotional healing in your life which no pyschic, intuitive reader or any other self help source could bring.
    Best regards Hansa

  5. Karla SM says:

    Thanks for sharing!!! I now EXACTLY what you mean with the change in plans. Most of my life, if not all the time, I have been following the 4th path as I always did plans and I always ended up changing direction…in drastic ways.

    I have been spending many weeks now learning many healing methods,and its so exciting!! This includes emotional healing.

    In each method I am learning, they all involve the mental and emotional bodies.

    My mom recommended me a book that has truly inspired my new path all this time and I am still not finished with it. It is one called “The Wheel of Life” by Elisabeth Kubler Ross. I am learning so much from it.

    And I was always soooo hesitant about psychology and those things, since I felt it may be so draining to work with the human mind. I felt so incapable of facing other people’s problems. Of course it depends in which kinds of cases one may face. But to learn how to be a holistic healer is worth it.


    Much love to everyone!!!

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