Why are we here?

Question MarkA message from the Lady of the Sun

You are here to learn and to love. To learn about the things that you were curious about knowing more about. To learn things to balance any unbalanced karma. To learn things to prepare you for the work that you  planned for yourself. And to learn things just for the pleasure of learning.

You are here to love and to learn about love. To learn about how to love  and to share love with others. To learn about how to share love with your planet and all of the life and energy forms on the planet and to learn about love as it relates to being a human having a spiritual experience. And, to share love for yourself and your journey that you planned for yourself this time around.

And it is no coincidence that you are here on the planet doing what you are doing and learning what you are learning. It was all well thought out and well planned by yourself and your soul support system before you came onto the planet through birth.

You chose your parents, your family, your place of birth, your culture, your language, your situation and so forth. It was all chosen by your soul for a reason – to learn and to love.

During this period of history, souls have lined up to be the ones to have the experience of being on earth at this time with the potential for great shifts in consciousness to happen. This is indeed a time of change.

This too was all planned out in advance by your collective souls for a reason, for a purpose and that too is to love and to learn. This is the great earth experiment that is happening and things are falling into place quite nicely, according to the plan that your souls co-created with the support of your spiritual guides.

This is YOUR experiment that is happening. Planned by all of you who are on earth at this time again with the support and guidance of the spirit beings and in co-ordination with all things living and part of the energy of the planet. None of it is coincidence or luck or chance or whatever else you want to say to deflect responsibility to anyone or anything else.

As beings who planned their own lives comes responsibility for what you have created. And we are aware that many do not want to hear about this, but it is a truth that needs to be accepted for you to truly move into being the master beings that you are.

So look at your life right now. You have planned your situations. You have free will about what you choose to do each day, every day. And yet so many sit back and look for someone or something else to blame when you don’t like what is happening around you. Sorry to be so blunt – but you picked this – and for a reason – to learn and to love.

If your life were to just move along smoothly each step of the way with minimal challenges and few things to learn, how would you have the opportunity to gain all of the knowledge that you came here to learn. It is through the challenges and the variety of situations that you put yourself in that you learn the most. And remember, learning is not always easy, and it is a large part of what you came here to do.

Once you really grasp the reality that you have designed and chosen your life, you will  begin to understand that you are the master of your life. You will be empowered to make choices and will choose what best allows you to learn and to love.

You will stop thinking like a victim of life, feeling sorry for yourself that certain things have happened, and you will celebrate your experiences for the wisdom that you have gained through each situation that you faced.

You will come to see yourselves as you truly are – creators of your life – the author of the script and the planner of your vast educational experiences. You will understand that you have more power than you give yourself credit for  – for you have created a life of opportunity for your soul to learn and to love. How remarkable that is.

And know that those beings who were given the go ahead to be on the planet at this time are the strong and the brave who willingly took the opportunity for expansive spiritual advancement by being part of the earth experiment at this time.

From the realm of spirit, we watch you all in awe and wonder for you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. You have learned many things, have loved well and are now using your experience and capacity to love others and the planet to assist her to evolve spiritually as well.

So what is it all about? Amazing people, doing amazing things to promote an amazing outcome. And what is that outcome? You get to choose. Choose well.


2 Responses to Why are we here?

  1. Nan says:

    Many thanks

  2. matarikidimension says:

    Fantastic message Sheryl
    Many thanks


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