Learning to trust

Trust is my core life lesson and something that I’ve been working on all of my life. This started by learning not to trust and then over the years shifted to learning to trust other people, myself and God. This has not been an easy journey.

After 50+ years, I’m just starting to get to the point where I understand trust. I am learning to trust other people, myself and even learning to have faith, to let go and let God guide & support me. Notice that I use the word “learning” because I am not yet at the point of fully trusting.

My lack of trust came up for me in a very strong way recently as I have gone through this challenging time of energetic “houscleaning” as the Lady of the Sun called it. At times, my experiences have been quite scary and uncomfortable and I was not trusting the process at all or myself to be able to cope.

After some gently coaching by my guides, I’ve been able to see the wisdom in bringing my lack of trust to the surface once again so that it can be healed. On Friday, I had a little chat with God and my guides and asked that they help me learn how to trust and to please make it a gentle lesson.

I’ve been given 2 pieces of wisdom that I wanted to share with you if trust is an issue for you as well. I’m still pondering these statements and know that I will fully understand the meaning in days to come. If you have any thoughts about trust, I’d love to hear them. Here’s what I was given to consider:

  1. It is only yourself that you need to learn to trust
  2. When you FULLY accept everything as perfect, there is no need for trust.

I am so grateful to have my wonderful guides walking with me to share bits of wisdom to help me understand and grow and all of you who pass along your wisdom to help us all understand. Thank you.

Blessings, sheryl


4 Responses to Learning to trust

  1. Karla SM says:

    Right now…I am having a hard time with this. I am being tested since yesterday, to trust in myself no matter what shows up. No matter what my mind tells me. No matter what others tell me.

    I have been called crazy recently by some people, even by a friend who is like us, because of a little silly mistake I did yesterday. I know I shoudln’t even care, as no matter who says so is being judgemental. But still, at this time, I feel anger.

    Also, my mother is very sick at this time. I am trying to help her as much as I can and I really don’t know through all the healing techniques I am using, how much I am helping and how much she has to go through. So many people around me are so sick.

    The hardest part is, no one around me believes in reiki or those things, or are just not aware that there is much more than just taking medicine that does not cure and that harms even more.

    Anyway, I’ll do the best I can.


  2. Georgia says:

    With all the energy passing through us and mother earth,trusting will become easier if we learn to trust our self & to “feel” the vibrations of other people we meet.If you are very comfortable when you speak to them and “listen” to what they say,the veil will drop away and you will feel the trust that you are looking for.Sometimes it is a sound level in their voice that causes you to shrink away from them OR,it can be a sound that charms your hearing that produces a clear vibration that desolves the veil of separation.Feeling your energy vibration on all occasions will reduce the fear of trusting.If it is a negative vibration,your inner sense will tell you in your mind that your vibrations do not match and polititely end the chat. You will have learned a lesson.

  3. Dorothy says:

    This is excellent Sheryl. I sure can apply this wisdom to my own life as well. I can use these words to help me step into my power…I had a reading yesterday in which I learned that I have been always been afraid to claim my power due to a past life in Atlantis, a time when I misused it or had it used against me. Your guides’ coaching fits my current life, and highlights this lack of faith in myself and the trust that all is perfect as it is. I literally hold myself back with this lack of trust, afraid of my own power….so very interesting how you get messages from all over confirming other messages. Must be sometimes, especially now, we need to be hit over the head for them to sink in eh?
    Thank you thank you for sharing this.

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