12- 12 Special Offer

Do you feel the lightness in the air today? Did you wake up this morning full of energy with the desire to do things for yourself to nurture your soul? Are you ready to take your spiritual growth process to the next level?

Well, today there is an opportunity that is presenting itself for you to tune into the higher energies of the day and awaken energies within yourself that have been dormant for a long time.

Many of you have been going through a process lately that I have referred to as housecleaning. It was the disturbance of old energy that was residing in your very cells that was being moved and re-moved from you energetic system of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies for the cleansing occurred on all of these known levels.

The cleaning also happened on levels that you are not so familiar with that reside beyond your own personal energy field and included the animal kingdom, your plants, rocks. water and air. It was a grand cleaning that happened.

Because of the timing of the event today, for some of you this cleaning became very intense and somewhat disruptive to your lives for your soul said to “go for it” as you say and the process of cleansing your body of all that is not light was accelerated for a period of time so that you could take full advantage of the energies of this day and the days to come.

For the opening to the new level of energy (at least new to you during this incarnation) occurred today largely with the help of the many who have been consciously aware of this event and helped to anchor in the light. As the day proceeds and for a few days to come, you may join in this anchoring by just asking your guides to connect you fully to this light energy of the divine to assist you and the planet with it’s spiritual growth and ascension.

I would like now to address the issue of ascension or awakening or the rising of the kundalini as this being I speak through has raised with me this week for so many of you reading these words are having a similar experience at this time.

Within all of you lies and innate energy of the divine, like a seed that you were born with sitting within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, just waiting for the spring to come so that it may begin to grow.

Well for so many of you, it is the springtime of your new life, your life of walking fully as the spiritual being that you are, here having a human experience.

That seed is sprouting and is beginning to come to life. To facilitate this process as with any growing seed, it will do best if you nurture this seed of growth with food, water, sunlight and love for those are the main ingredients that provide for full development of a seed.

You may nurture the seed of your awakening by eating well – as close to nature as possible, but I assure you that the occasional taste of chocolate is welcomed with the understanding that as you ingest these man made variations on natural food, that you bless the food and ask that it help to raise you level of vibration. This is helped when you really enjoy the food that you are eating, being present with the taste, smell and flavour and texture – being wholly involved with the ingestion of your beloved foods.

And water is a necessary ingredient for all living beings on the planet, consuming more that you usually would in a day to maintain a level that is beyond the dehydration that most of you live with. If you feel thirst – you are already dehydrated and need to drink even more to bring yourself to the level of perfect hydration. Water is an essential ingredient in the growth process.

And you may add herbs or fruit or vegetables or even milk to the water you consume, again keeping the additions as close to natural as possible. A plant will grow well when watered with tea, but will die if watered only with chemicals like those in this beings favorite – Coke – the cola and other such artificial beverage additions. Natural teas, plant products and milk are best – without any addition of chemicals.

And light is also very important in two different forms. There is the light of your sun and the light of your being that will nurture your awakening seed of divinity.

Try to be in the sun for a period of time every day. Just a few minutes of sunlight are all that is needed to trigger the growth process for light turns into natural nutrients within your body which are necessary for health. Even being out in the daylight when it is cloudy will help with this process for behind every cloud is the energy of the sun beaming down onto your planet.

And you can provide light to yourself through your spiritual practice, whatever that may be. You may sit in meditation and stillness, pray, chant, move, read, speak or listen, whatever you choose to do to fill you mind with the concept of the divine however you define this.

Filling your self with that which gives you peace, joy and upliftment are part of the food you may provide for your growing inner seed. Just bring into your awareness and presence the love and light of the divine.

And the final ingredient that most farmers miss when they plant their seeds is the need for love to support the growth of their crops, for a field that is blessed with love grows tenfold and the produce grows with and retains an increased amount of nutrients.

This is as true for humans as it is for plants. A human who is planted in a home without love does not grow as strong and healthy as a human who is planted in a home filled with love and light. Growth and development is stifled/halted when there is no love source available.

And for your awakening seed, love may come in the form of spending time with people or in places that you love, that fill you up and let you know that you are a beloved being walking on this planet. You may get this kind of loving support from the guides and angels who walk with you and the masters and teachers who walk with you. All you need to do is ask and be open to receive their love.

And part of this love is loving yourself. By feeding and watering and nurturing yourself as I have just described for no one can do this for you, this is something that you choose for yourself – to take action that is loving and to think thoughts that are loving for this is where most of you do not practice self love in the way that you could.

Think about how to talk to yourself. Do you say “I’m not smart enough, I look ugly, I am a total mess, I’m just a screw up, I should have known better.”…. And the other million insults that you tend to throw at yourself every day.

Think about it this way. Inside of you is a golden child waiting to be born of the seed of the divine that has been with you since birth. This golden child is the seed that you are nurturing – if you choose to do this. Think about what a growing divine child needs every day.

Perhaps it is what we just spoke about, good food, water, sunshine and love. And what will happen to that child if you are constantly telling them that they are stupid, ugly, incompetent, thoughtless, and so on. Do you understand the power of your words and thoughts?

And the final ingredient for your growth process is a direct connection with the divine within you and around you. You can consciously connect to the divine love energy that is there for you to tune in to. Again, all you have to do is ask and divine love will pour into your 4 bodies and more.

You can create an image for this if you like – a column of light coming in through your crown, a ball of energy that you create using your hands or a mudra, a yoga posture or whatever you choose to remind yourself that you have this direct connection to divine love and light.

So you have a choice. The energy of love and light is very strong right now and for the next few days as you know it – being available as long as it is needed for all to take advantage of this shift in energy. You can choose to connect with this love energy to assist you with you growth process – or not – again, your choice.

And to support this light energy and the growth of your divine golden child within, you may also choose to follow the other suggestions that were given to support the growth of this divine seed within. Again – this is your choice.

Our hope is that most of you will take advantage of this time of accelerated light and love energy and bathe yourself in it, by just consciously acknowledging that this is what you choose to do at this time.

And know that there is no right or wrong choice for you will all go through the growth process, it is just a matter of when and how. If you want to speed it all up – I’ve given you some suggestions regarding how to do this.

It is our hope that most of you will take advantage of this special offer and say, yes, I am ready and open to receive and then, be loving to yourself.

Blessings, I love you, LOTS


8 Responses to 12- 12 Special Offer

  1. matarikidimension says:

    Thank you Sheryl

    This message was so timely for me – as usual 🙂
    I have posted it on to my blog.
    On the 12.12 I received this message while meditating. I heard the word – snake and then serpent … I then felt the energy uncoil itself and rise up. I have felt the kundalini energy before but this time it felt like a massive snake of energy which numerous heads!
    I then heard the words – The snake is awake!
    Then your message arrives in my inbox that evening.
    I feel so in sycnc with you.
    Sending you love and so much gratitude.

  2. Rosana says:

    Thank you Shheryl & LOTS. I to accept the sugestions and won’t pass this speciall offer.

    Sheryl, I’ve been meaning to ask about kundalini awakening here for quite a while but didnt want to be inconvenient(silly of me)but now that Lots brought it about I feel very drawn to share this url about Kundalini awakening, hope you dont mind 🙂


    I find his teachings extremely helpful.
    Many Blessings

    • sheryl says:

      Thanks for the link. I have realized that part of what I have been experiencing the last few weeks is a kundilini awakening and I have been reading everything I can find. Thanks for this extra info.
      Blessings, sheryl

  3. Wow! What a powerful piece! Thank you for bringing it forth.

    While I didn’t wake up with an abundance of energy, I did have an intention to be gentle with myself all day and do as I felt guided to do–all which I intuitively did in perfect accord with what was suggested here. This led me to to a day in which I clearly took another leap in my journey.

    And now a word from Lady of the Sun. Today, December 12, 2010…another infusion of light and guidance on how best to utilize it. I couldn’t ask for a better way to end the day 🙂

    In fact your post got me inspired enough to recognize what I experienced today and write again–something I have not been able to do for weeks now. [WOW, I just checked–it was 3 weeks since my last post, but I would have guessed far longer.]

    Thank you Sheila, and Lady of the Sun.

    • sheryl says:

      Glad to hear you’re able to write again. I’ve struggled the past 3 weeks to do anything. Seems easier since yesterday.

      Would you please post your blog address so that everyone can check it out. I go there often and enjoy your writings very much.


  4. Karla SM says:

    I accept!! Loved this message, thank you sheryl! Thank you LOTS!!

  5. yes, I accept your suggestions …how to cultivate
    my seed.
    Thanks a lot with my the most deepest respect and love.

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