How to have what you really desire

As we come to the end of what you know as the year 2010, I ask that you pause and take the time to look back over your year and give thanks for all that has happened, all that has come to you and all the abundance in your life.

And abundance is not just about money as many think it to be. Abundance is about how you live, your belongings, your friends, family, health, emotional state, the work that you have chosen to do and every other aspect of your life. All that you have in your life is your abundance.

As you come upon the Solstice as you know the 21st of the month to be, there is an opportunity for you to invite more abundance into your life, for it is true that you can have anything and everything that you desire in your life with the exception of a few situations that you have created for yourself as your learning experiences in this lifetime.

For when you set your plan of action for this lifetime, all of you built in some challenges and situations for you to learn your greatest lessons. These chosen situations will be in place until you fully learn the lesson that they have come to teach you about being a human living on this planet.

You can shift these situations when you finally “get it” as my scribe is fond of saying. So even the long standing challenges can be shifted and you can move into the state of being that you desire when the lesson is completed. And, you can ask for help for this to happen to assist you to move into an abundance of joy and love in this area of your life as well.

But for most of you and for most of your life situations, you have the ability to manifest all that you truly desire. You can set your intention, hold onto the belief that it will come to you, ask your guides and angels for help and take action as you are inspired. You can draw into your life positive things and situations as easily as you draw into your life uncomfortable situations. You get to choose.

And the root of these choices are your thoughts and beliefs, what you have learned on your journey through this life time and there are many of these thoughts and beliefs that completely block the flow of all good things into your life. Here are a few of your favourites as we have observed:

  • I don’t deserve anything good
  • I have to work very hard for all that I have
  • Nothing good ever happens to me
  • I’m just a loser
  • I’ll never amount to anything
  • Who are you kidding, I can’t have that

And there are many, many variations on these popular themes of why you can’t, or should not have all of the good stuff in your life.

Even your health situations are under laid by this type of distorted thinking, believing things like it’s part of your genetic makeup, being sick allows you to escape from things you don’t want to do like go to work and so many more thoughts and beliefs that perpetuate you state of dis-ease.

This too you can do something about and draw into your life and abundance of good health, good feelings and good situations. Again, you get to choose if you want the good stuff or want to stay where you are.

And know that if you are not already experiencing the good stuff, the abundance of life that you desire, there is a good and valid reason. You are getting something beneficial from the situation that  you find yourself to be in.

It might be that although you are miserable, at least the situation is familiar. It might be that you are afraid that a change could make things worse instead of better. Or you may be gaining something like support and attention by having the situation in your life. There is a good and valid reason for you to remain where you are.

But it does not need to be so. Search for the gain, the benefit, the comfort in the situation that you really don’t like and then let it go and find other ways to get that which you need that this situation gives to you.

You are coming up on a new year, and as so many of you choose to do, it is a time of review and a time to choose something different for the upcoming year.

And your Solstice, Dec 21 is a day that contains some energetic magic of sorts for once again, there is an opportunity for you to connect with a download of light energy that will be available for a period of time and if you choose, you can focus this energy to assist with healing any aspect of your life that you are tired of and wish to shift.

You not only came onto the planet to learn about things that are challenging for many of you, you are also here to learn about abundance – all of the good and wonderful things that life as a human has to offer. Once your challenging lessons are in the past, then you may choose amazing lessons, like learning how to have an abundance of whatever good it is that you want in your life. You get to choose.

So here is my suggestion for the upcoming days:

  1. Think about all of the good things that you already have in your life – you may choose to write a list or talk to a friends or whatever works best for you
  2. Identify the challenging situations that you are ready to move beyond and give thanks for the lessons that they have come into your life to help you learn
  3. And look for the lesson in those challenges and deal with any remaining situations or emotions that are still attached to these lessons. You may ask  your guides and angels or other people for help
  4. Look for the reason that you have that thing or situation in your life and why you are resistant to give it up. It may be a fear, a feeling, a thought, a belief or a need that is holding it in place and choose to let this go
  5. Then dream about what you really would like to have in your life, what your heart desires, the good stuff that you are also here to experience.
  6. State your intentions and believe that this can be a part of your life experience. If it is possible for one human to experience, it is possible for all humans to experience.
  7. And ask your guides and angels for help and support to move into your life of abundance and when they give you guidance to do so, take action, what many called inspired action
  8. And complete the circle by giving thanks for all of the situations that you have learned from, for all the abundance in your life and for the ability to experience so much more that you can even imagine. Gratitude is the energy that makes this cycle of change possible.

And on the day of your solstice, take time to pause and give thanks for everything and if you choose open yourself to the energy download of this time in your history and ask for help and support to move away from a life of challenges and into a life of joy and abundance, for that is what you are here to experience, a life of joy and peace and love beyond your understanding.

Know beyond a doubt that you are loved beyond measure, in a way that being in human form is beyond your understanding. We in the work of spirit watch and wait for you to truly understand what this means and to integrate this knowledge into your human experience, what many of you call enlightenment, a state that is available for all and the steps I have outlined are also the keys to having this experience as well.

From our side to yours, we wish that you discover the joy and abundance that is your birthright just because you exist on this planet. All you have to do to experience this is to follow this plan and choose this for yourself.

Blessings, Joy, and Abundance are my wish for you.

I love you, LOTS!


One Response to How to have what you really desire

  1. Nan says:

    Happy Holidays and thanks for brining the message, you are one person that I am thankful for. blessings Nan

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