Channeling Circle Audios

Healing with Gratitude Meditation

Channeling Circle Dec 2010


2 Responses to Channeling Circle Audios

  1. Karla SM says:

    Wow!!! I loved this message. These days I’ve been feeling so annoyed in general, about some family things and a friend of mine, but then I try to see this as things I feel and not them being the cause of my discomfort. On the other hand, the energies are wonderful.

    Not long ago, for my mom and I, this time of the year was dramatic. Much has changed since we accepted some set of circumstances and decided to simplify things.

    Anyway, I was wondering these days, about how to deal with anger and frustration as I know we can’t supress our feelings but I know it is no longer an option to direct them towards what I feel at the moment is the cause of it, people around me. And I loved this part where LOTS says our teachers here will still make us feel those things as we as humans react that way. This helped me clarify my dilemma.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Rosana says:

    Thank you Sheryl, the timing of these messages couldn’t be more perfect.
    I always get depressed and miserable during this time of the year and never understood why. I made myself a promiss that this year I would be less miserable about xmas and was doing well until today after the same past issues resurfaced. My lack of tolerance and appreciation towards a certain “teacher” in my life (who knows how to press my buttons so well) made me feel very guilty and wondered if I’ve gone backwards again. SO this channeling brought me much comfort, i can forgive myself for not being perfect and can work on the gratitude, be more positive tomorrow.
    Love and Light
    Have a wonderful holiday and many many blessings to you my dear.

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