Coming out of the pit

Seems to hit me every year around this time, the slow slip back into a place of depression. Even though we always keep Christmas a low key event, I can still find it a bit too much and the accumulated stress can send me into the pit really quickly.

This year I managed to make it worse by going away for a few days to visit my in-laws. I just seem so sensitive to everything right now that a normally enjoyable time ended up being an overwhelming time of non-stop over stimulation. Just felt like so much happening and no way to escape from it.

I came home exhausted,Β  just wanting to crawl into bed and stay there which is basically what I have been doing since the end of December. I could not do much else.

I was really losing it and started to get really concerned that I was getting sick again which is not uncommon for me in the winter. Felt like the old monster depression was swallowing me up again.

Then today, things started to lift. It started with me sending a desperate email to a friend to have her check in with her guides and let me know if this was illness or energy shifts that had me down and out. I titled the email – “Help Please”

And then within the hour, things started to lighten up for me. I got out of bed, had a shower, did a bit of work and started to feel so much better. I guess my guides and angels heard my cry and sent love and light my way.

As part of my quest this week to understand my experiences, I was guided to this web page

It sounded so much like what I’ve experienced the past few months. Perhaps this is part of what I’m experiencing on top of all of the weird chemical things my brain does during the winter months. This time has been intense for me and I’ve heard from others that they too are having all of their unhealed “stuff” come up lately.

The good news is that starting tomorrow, Jan 4th, the energy is going to shift in a big way and make things so much easier. I’m really looking forward to what tomorrow brings. I am ready to get out of the pit and enjoy some sunshine.

I will be posting channeled messages again as soon as I get my clear connection back. I’m behind on sending out mini messages and the Lady would like me to pass along a message for the new year. As soon as I can, I’ll get this posted.

If you are having a challenging time with the energy transitions, holiday burn out or any health challenges, just hang in there. I’ve been promised that 2011 is a year for major changes.

Blessings, sheryl


11 Responses to Coming out of the pit

  1. It is so easy to define the present based upon the past, and upon 3D definitions (read: diagnoses). While not to say there is not validity to these experiences, we can (and often have) cemented ourselves into these definitions and realities.

    I do not see [much of anything πŸ˜‰ ] as either/or. But when we open ourselves up to “new” possibilities, we may well find the door to step through into a new, preferred reality. I believe that focusing on the subtle, and increasingly NOT so subtle, energy waves enables us to distance ourselves from the 3D, linear and often limiting ways of interpreting our experiences.

  2. Dorothy says:

    hmm that last post was me, don’t know where my info went…

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s always good to know that we don’t travel this path alone, that others share the ups and downs with us. I loved the link to the article you posted, it describes nearly all I have been through in the last several years…. I thought I came through the last wave well, however on Sunday night I started feeling badly and today I woke with a rotten migraine… sigh…cannot attribute it to anything I’ve done or eaten so now I wonder if I just was a late reaction? LOL. Like you, just when I think all is going well, then bam! down I go. So when exactly do we get to feel good and remain well in our bodies? Sheesh!
    Thank you for sharing your family life with us. I also married my high school sweetheart 32 years ago but we have been together for 37 years, and have 2 kids and cats lol. Interesting. I knew I connected you to you!
    Be well,

  4. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Love you Lots


  5. Georgia says:

    Thank you for sharing her info.

    Getting out of the pit…the more times I speak with my angels ,the easier it gets to understand what I should do next.Jennifer Hoffman has now written a lovely free PDF about Angels..10 Secrets to communicating with your Angels and spirit guides]

  6. Divsy says:

    The Cyclone – Grounding

    BE the center of the Cyclone.

    The higher vibrations – the new energetic templates are rapidly sweeping through our Universe and will further intensify as we move closer to the finish line (this new configuration is changing the electromagnetic field within the human body).

    It is highly recommended to regularly do our Energy Work – Breathing/Grounding/Meditation/Grids/ Clearing – Balancing (Ho`oponopono), otherwise when attacked by a strong influx of energy we have no time left to adjust ourselves as we lose our focus – we become completely disorientated.

    I recently had to cancel a class because I got stuck/lost twice due to this phenomenon; only to discover that I could no longer engage in any of these modalities (could not read, sleep, listen to music, or do anything whatsoever); and this predicament lasted several hours.

    Regular/consistent practice of meditation would facilitate the smoothing circulation of energy shifts within our system thereby moving us to the center of the cyclone where these devastating side effects/symptoms are minimal.
    Love to All fellow travelers – tom.

  7. hansa says:

    hi sheryl
    happy 2011 to you and your family. Just would request you to share with us you family like who are all in your current family? Are you single or in a relationship? How many kids do you have? Do they stay with you?Does your husband stay with you? If he does, how does he handle your energetic shifts and cooperate with you? Ofcourse if you feel comfortable in sharing your personal life.
    Best Regards

    • sheryl says:

      I’m happy to share info about my family. We have two daughters who are in their early 30’s. The older one teaches high school and the younger is trained as a nurse. They both live in other towns but we see them quite often.

      I married my high school sweetheart 34 years ago. We’ve been friends for 40 years. We share our house with 5 cats who are also part of the family and a great source of joy and comfort.

      My husband just accepts me the way I am and continues to support me through the ups and downs of my life. He is a wonderful help when I am having a hard time and we are growing closer every year.

      I feel so blessed to be part of a warm, loving family. We’ve gone through some difficult years and life has not been easy, but we love and support each other always.

      • hansa says:

        Thank you very much Sheryl, to respond to my request. Great to know that you have such wonderful family and a long lasting blessed marriage. May God have you them always around to support you and your work.

  8. Rosana says:

    Hi sheryl, perfect timing, as always πŸ™‚
    Thank goodness December is over. I too was feeling really disconnected to all and feared going into another long depression phase.
    Oh! Boy I’m so ready for changes!!!
    Many Blessings and Happy 2011 to Everyone!

    P.s: thanks for the great webpage link.

  9. Karla SM says:

    Can’t wait for the upcoming changes!!! Wow, these days I’ve been feeling so disconnected, and just today, like you, I again felt more energy to do what I must be doing and feel more inspired.

    Take a seat and eat some popcorn, things in the world are becoming VERY interesting and I know this year will feel so much better for us, more challenging for the world in general though.

    So glad to connect again with you and the readers.


    Much love to everyone!!

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