What can I do when I feel so bad?

Question for the Lady of the Sun (LOTS) – What can I be doing to ease the discomfort of the overwhelming emotions I have been feeling?

Answer – The best solution is to just accept the emotions and allow them to be without trying to shut them off or push them away. They indeed are energy in motion and just need to move out from your body in a natural way.

It is like when you are very sad about something and you begin to cry. Crying is a release of energy, sometimes the energy of sadness and sometimes the energy of joy. It is like there is too much energy in your body and you just need to let some of it go so it does not feel so overwhelming.

This is a natural mechanism that all beings have built in, a sort of valve to let off the pressure that builds within your body. This is indeed a natural process.

With this time of significant change that is happening to so many of you, much emotional energy is building up in you body and is in need of release. For each of you, this is different for you each are on your own unique journey with unique experiences and lessons so no two people will experience the same thing, although there will be similarities.

It is important to know that for each wound that you have experienced over this lifetime and in times past, there is the energy of that trauma sitting in your physical body. To fully heal and move into higher dimensional frequencies, these areas of blocked energy need to be moved.

One way is through emotions – energy in motion, like crying, feeling angry, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you can no longer go on, and whatever feeling that you had at the time this energy got trapped. It may be the actual feeling of the event or the feeling that you suppressed because of the danger that the situation presented to you.

For example, you may have been threatened by another person and felt scared. That scared feeling triggered anger and your desire to lash out at the other person, but at some level you knew that lashing out would make the situation worse, so you chose to suppress the anger. This leaves fear and anger trapped in your cells related to the situation.

So part of the healing process is to unblock this energy and let it flow. You may feel fear coming up as well as anger without being consciously aware of where the feeling is coming from for you do not need to have a conscious awareness of the cause of the energy in order for it to move. For most of you, this is just happening spontaneously.

So just let the emotion flow as it needs to by crying, letting out your anger in an appropriate way, feeling upset, feeling hopeless, feeling whatever you need to feel at the time.

Don’t try to figure it out, just let it be and be conscious that the energy is just moving out of your energetic system so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency.

And, for some of you, this energy can also be used in a different way. It can be transmuted from one state to another with the use of your intention. This indeed follows the teachings of Hermes and his  principles which some of you will be guided to study, for this is another way of working with energy that many who are here to be healers may choose to understand.

You have the ability to work with the frequency of the emotion that is causing distress and consciously change the frequency of that emotion so that it is vibrating at a higher level. You do have the ability to change sadness into joy by learning to adjust the frequency of that energy that you call emotion.

And as you learn to do this within yourself, you will gain the skills needed to assist others to make this type of shift within their bodies. For some of you, this is what you may choose to learn at this time and you will be guided into this knowledge.

Just know that this is a time of transformation, that all energy in your body system is being changed, removed, raised to another level of vibration in ways that you may be aware of and in ways that are beyond your level of understanding.

Just know that what you may call healing is happening to all of you who read these words. The lower level vibrations are being replaced by higher level vibrations and most people will have some emotions arise during this process.

And again I wish to emphasize, that this process is different for everyone depending on your own life situation, so please do not compare your experience to another. Your experience is the perfect one for you.

What you can do is let the energy flow in whatever way feels best for you. You will be naturally guided by your body to know how to release the emotional energy. You can learn to transmute the frequencies of the emotion if you so choose and you will be guided to the information as to how to do this type of transformation.

And you can support each other for this may be a frightening time for some who do not understand what is happening and for whom this is an intense process. Just know that you are not alone and that there is divine help to support you as well. Call on us and we will be there to soothe and hold you if needed.

This time will pass and beyond it is a life experience that is beyond your imagination for all who go through this time of change have the potential of moving into a place of bliss, knowing ascension while still in physical form. This is what you are being prepared for.

We thank you for doing this work for humanity for as you raise your personal vibrational level, you bring others and the planet along with you. This is part of your service to humanity that you have agreed to do during your life time.

Blessings, I love you, LOTS!


13 Responses to What can I do when I feel so bad?

  1. Clare Canning says:

    Thankyou. With loving kindness. Clare

  2. Shawnee Marx says:

    Very inspiring! Thank you 🙂

  3. […] there is Lady of the Light’s message answer to What can I do when I feel so bad?  ( https://spiritspeaksblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/what-can-i-do-when-i-feel-so-bad/#more-1073 ) that also makes it clear that we are to feel the emotions that come us and let them move out of […]

  4. rahkyt says:

    I thank u n my fb fam who is enjoying the benefits of these words thank u as well. many blessins …

  5. Susan says:

    Would you like a Complimentary Huna session with me? before Saturday?

    Love to You,

  6. sheryl says:

    Thanks for posting the links. It seems that so many people are having everything that is not healed come up for them lately.

    I do know that this energetic shift will come to an end this year. There may still be the occasional event that stirs things up, but not like the intensity that is happening now.

    I have been assured that the difficult times are getting shorter and the good times getting longer. I’ve been noticing this happen. Even after a really challenging day, I can put on the comedy channel and laugh. It sure feels good when the dense stuff lifts and the joy comes up.

    And imagine the day when Joy is our usual state of being. I’m looking forward to that.

    Blessings, sheryl

  7. Jean says:

    Thank you so much for this Sheryl. You have no idea how it helped me today with these intense emotional feelings and thoughts……..Allowing is the way. Bless you for all you are giving to us. love, Jean

  8. Lori says:

    Thank you for this. Yesterday was a hard day for me as well. The outpouring of emotion still surprises me even after years of it. I found out a few months ago that I had a life during the middle ages in which emotions were considered the “work of the devil” which is part of the reason why I have so much trouble with these emotional outbursts. I have found Arjuna Ardagh’s radical releasing technique helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-JDhY-6VbQ

  9. matarikidimension says:

    Thank you Sheryl for yet another timely and wonderful post.

    I have put this on my site and already a couple of people have commented on how helpful this it.

    Many thanks for everything you do everyday to make this world a better place.

    Much Love & Gratitude


  10. Dorothy says:

    Thank you LOTS and Sheryl for this message. It helps to understand what is happening and how to handle the intense emotions that are coming up. I had some stuff come up recently that hit me unexpectedly with reactions I thought I had let go of and struggled with how to handle. Like a hamster, it kept replaying in my head and was disturbing and upsetting. After trying other things, I finally remembered to use one of the healing techniques I have learned and was able to process it and let it go. Aah blessed relief. Hope I actually got it gone! LOL! Apparently using healing techniques is how I deal with stuff. Good to have that confirmed.
    Hope you are feeling better Sheryl.

  11. I have never heard of Hermes principles, but I certainly intend to read up on it. This is all very much in alignment with what I’ve been experiencing big time recently (again), and wrote about in recent posts as well.

    Thanks for confirmation, and another layer of insight.

  12. Karla SM says:

    Wow!!! I have been learning the Hermes principles in a very summarized way and was not aware of how much is behind those laws. I am very interested in everything related to energy, transmutation and reprogramming.

    This message comes in Divine Timing.

    Thank you very much Sheryl and LOTS!!

    So…for anyone interested, here is a link I found:


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