I’m celebrating today for a couple of reasons. First, I did my first Life Purpose Hand Analysis sessions as part of a spiritual spa day at Purple Door Books in Kingston. It was an amazing experience and a true confirmation that this is my soul work. I had so much fun and people found it really helpful to know what they came here to do and to learn.

I will be making this available by email and snail mail. Just have to order some ink papers so that folks can do their hand prints at home and mail them to me. Coming soon….

The best part of today was having fun. With all of the energy shifts, a slip into depression and a series of personal challenges, I actually had a fun day. Never thought that was possible, but it happened.

The Lady of the Sun kept telling me that the energy shift challenges would end and I’d start to have more good days and less bad days, but in truth, I really did not believe it, until today.

While each of us is having a unique experience, I now KNOW that things will shift and clear and that the sun will once again shine in all of our lives. And with these shifts, we are gaining new gifts and a closer connection with our spirit friends.

The key for me through the past month of agony has been to ask my guides and angels for help. Every time I asked, help arrived –  in a variety of forms. Sometimes a book or an internet site to read, people to call for encouragement, unexpected gifts and support, just the right oracle card and wonderful advise about what to do from the Lady of the Sun. We do have lots of help available, we just have to ask because they won’t interfere.

If you’re still in a difficult place, hang in there and ASK for help, following up with what you are guided to do. Beautiful days are just around the corner.

Blessings, sheryl


2 Responses to Celebration!

  1. Cheryl says:

    All this good news is coming more frequently, like they say. Thanks for sharing, and have a great week!

  2. Georgia says:

    I am so happy for you ! We all deserve happiness in our lives,once we delete our negative,busy mind thoughts and concentrate on love and peace,our happiness and joy becomes more abundent.

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