Thanks to everyone who emailed to find out if I was okay. I am, but I’ve been busy & going through a very strange time – again.

I was offered a contract job to develop a workshop for folks on welfare to get them prepared to take a training program that will make it easier for them to find work. It took me most of January to prepare and deliver the workshop. Out of the 24 people who started the week long workshop, only one did not complete it because her son was hospitalized. This has never happened in the history of the welfare department here where the drop out rate is at least 50% It was a lot of fun, very challenging, overwhelming and a very good learning experience. It just took a LOT of time and energy.

Before I started to work on this project and when that was done, I’ve been in a very strange place that has been kind of scary and very mysterious to me. Strange pains, falling asleep unexpectedly in the daytime, flu like symptoms without being sick and emotional states that I do not have names for. It’s been kind of creepy.

With the help of my dear friend and amazing energy worker Kat, we’ve been piecing together what is going on. And Lauren Gorgon’s post today summed it up quite nicely. I’m changing and getting ready for a shift into the 5th dimension. That’s all, just going through an amazing transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

As Kat was doing some energy work with me earlier in the week (after I called her in a panic because I felt so strange) she tuned in and saw angels working on me and light around me in a way she had never seen before. Later, Lady of the Sun confirmed that my lightbody was being activated.

I still don’t have words to describe the feelings in my body and the emotions that I’m experiencing. Lauren summed it up quite well and between Kat and Lauren, I’ve let go of the panic and am relaxing into the process. Still creepy…

I’m behind on sending out mini messages for people who signed up for the newsletter and have not been guided to post messages. It’s like I’ve been in a void and there is nothing to say. I’ve had to put my business plans on hold for now and have no idea what will be happening after today.

It feels like I have jumped off a cliff into the unknown, with no idea where I will land. I know this is a lesson in trust and have been told that I will only be given one piece of information at a time to guide me into the future.

Being a person who likes to plan, this has been a big challenge. I’m being asked to let go of planning, and surrender to divine guidance. Scary stuff. I’m being asked to just “be” for now, and not try to “do” anything until I am comfortable “being” This is just plain creepy. It does not feel comfortable at all and is pushing me into trusting my inner guidance and the spirit beings who are working with me.

So right now, I don’t know what I will be doing with my work, with the blog, with my life. I’m just being asked to let go of everything and trust. I’m hoping this gets easier in time, because today, it is not at all easy.

I get comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this dramatic life change that is happening. Many messages that others are posting talk about similar transformation in others. I’m grateful to have a spirit sister who is walking this journey beside me that I can call on when I start to panic. For this, I am ever so grateful.

Today, I have few plans for future work. There is a potential job that I’ve been asked to consider and I will  be at Purple Door books in Kingston on Feb 12th and Mar 29th to do readings and hand analysis. The Channeling Circle will happen on the 4th Tuesday of the month and I’m still trying to figure out a better way to do a live online monthly channeled message.

When I am asked, I will be posting messages. And if you are waiting for a mini message, I’ve been told that they will be done, I just don’t know when. It seems that this is on hold once again while I go through this energy shift.

I’m hoping that others are finding this time of transformation easier to deal with. It seems that some of us have a lot more work to do than others and this is playing out in our emotional and physical bodies.

But hang in there, I KNOW that we will all make it through this time and that we will be amazed and grateful with our new lives. The only unknown is HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?

Blessings, sheryl


12 Responses to Transformation

  1. sandy says:

    well, me again, I would just like to add to my previous post. In spite of the obstacles and such, I am also keeping it all together so I can move on up to a deluxe appartment in the sky!!

  2. sandy says:

    hi sheryl, I have also been feeling very strange. maybe like a dead zone. I have no more enthusiasm even. I feel done. like there’s nothing left here for me….I just do what I have to do and that’s it for the day. money had better fall out of the sky because I am done scratching and clawing for it, no more~! your letter made me feel better. misery loves company I guess! well, I hope the fun stuff starts soon

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Sheryl, Please know I am thinking of you, Take care, you are amazing and you will come through this!
    Sue (from the PD psycic circle)

  4. Georgia says:

    The answer you are looking for was given to you by your friends…”TRUST”.
    Trust how your inner emotions/feelings make you feel about your intentions.Don`t be afraid of trusting yourself,it will lead you to the path you are meant to take.TRUST YOURSELF !

    • sheryl says:

      Georgia – You are right that trust is the key. Learning trust is my core life lesson and what this experience is about. Trusting my self is getting easier with each challenge that comes up. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. sheryl says:

    It’s always good to know that we’re not alone. Thanks for the feedback. I do KNOW at a deep level that everything is going to work out amazingly well, It’s just hard to remember this some days.

  6. Karla SM says:

    For me it has also been a very strange time…of endings and healing mostly, transmutating the last pieces of old. So I too have been feeling afraid but I’m trying to stay grounded and dedicating tme to what I enjoy doing. We are almost out of this strange time!!


  7. Jean says:

    Sheryl…….you are not alone with what you just expressed, believe me. Thank you for sharing….Lauren’s last message helped me so much as well. Love, Jean

  8. rowan says:

    ps. i’m glad your training course went well and good luck with all you other advenyures

  9. rowan says:

    thank you so much, you have no idea how much you and lauren have helped me through this transition. i spent last week and the begining of this week in an almost crippling depression. your posts make me feel like i’m not crazy or alone in this transformation. thank you again

  10. M. Madalena Pereira says:

    thank you a lot for all messages sent…. don’t worry
    be calm …everything will get its riht way in the
    exact time… good luck – madalena

  11. Gwendolyn says:

    Ditto. But I am seeing some results. Yay!
    love to you, Sheryl.

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