Speeding up the transition

Message from the Lady of the Sun

My dear ones,

It has been a while since I have passed a message along to all of you. We were working with the energy system of my channel, raising her frequency in preparation for the merge that she will be experiencing.

I wish to address this process for it is also happening to many of you. You are merging with your higher self and with the guides who are in reality an aspect of your soul group. Some of the details of this are beyond your understanding, so I will attempt to simplify the process for you to understand.

All of you come into this existence as an aspect of your soul, just one part of the wholeness of who you are which is then anchored into a physical body. You come in with a human self and a god self which are separated from the whole self which includes the 12 aspects of your soul and your soul group of which you are a part.

You may choose to see it this way. Your human self is what you often call your ego, that part of you that is human whose main goal for being is survival. You develop patterns and habits over your life that ensure that you will remain alive and as free of pain as possible for that is the goal of the ego – to avoid pain and seek pleasure and to continue to survive as a being and a species.

You also come in with a higher self attached to your ego self, the part of you that is directly connected to the divine and knows itself to be part of God, completely in connection with the guides and angels who work with you.

This higher self tends to get shut down in most of you as children as it is not valued and you are not taught that this is an important part of who you  really are. You are taught to live life from your ego self only and then a separation exists between your ego and your higher self.

For most of you reading these words, the process of merging once again with your higher self is happening. You are reconnecting with the gifts and abilities that you have when you approach life from the perspective of your higher self. You know that you are a divine being and reawaken your connection to the divine source of energy and information.

And now, many of you are ready to move beyond this merger and reconnect with the other 11 aspects of your self that are in existence as part of your soul. With this reconnection, you are gaining a greater awareness of how the world operates and your role as a human on earth at this time. You are reconnecting with the wisdom that your soul in all 12 aspects has.

This may feel very strange to many of you as you begin to take on behaviors and characteristics that have not been so present in your life during this lifetime. You are reconnecting to the wisdom, memories and abilities of all 12 aspects of your soul. The energy shifts that are happening are allowing this process to happen.

There will still remain 12 aspects of your soul. The difference being that you now will have access to the collective memories, skills, experiences and wisdom. You will see the world differently and adopt behaviors that are more in alignment with the whole of who you are.

And for some of you, including this being I speak through, the process is also occurring that reconnects you to your soul group which is a collection of 12 x 12 soul aspects. These aspects exist on many levels of reality in many dimensions of existence and of time. This may be beyond your level of understanding, but some of you will know of which I speak.

In order for this merging process to occur, there is a need to remove from you personal energy system, anything that does not support the anchoring in of these energies of your soul. All that is no longer necessary is being removed. The majority of this being the patterns and behaviors of your ego, that part of you that is programmed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and ensure you will survive. This aspect of your human being is no longer required as you merge with the higher aspects of yourself.

Know that this not happening without your consent, for each who goes through this process came here prepared to have this experience which is the shift to the new way of being – the new human – the way of being human in the 5th dimension, being totally in touch with your soul group, your soul aspects and living from the perspective of your higher self, knowing at all times that you are indeed an aspect of the divine. Just imaging how wondrous this experience will be.

We know that many of you are going through a time of confusion and change. This is a big change that is occurring as you release all that no longer serves you as a human being and merge with all that makes you a truly divine being while remaining in physical form on the planet.

There are some things that you can be doing to facilitate this process of merging with your higher self, soul aspects and soul group. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Take some time to look back at the things that occurred in your life that caused distress. Each trauma that you experienced created an energy form and many of these are still trapped in your body. You can help to move this energy out by remembering these incidents and then letting the energy that comes up from remembering move out of your body. The purpose in remembering is to open up the energy block and let the energy of the blocked emotion flow out of your body. This will be done by feeling the emotions related to he occurrence and letting the emotional energy flow.
  2. You may connect to the memories by writing, creating images in your mind, talking to someone or just allowing the emotion to arise to the surface. How you do this does not matter. That you do this will make a difference in the energy fields of your body.
  3. Doing some kind of ritual or physical activity can also assist to move the energy. If the emotion that comes up is anger, you may choose to do something physical to let it go like walking, throwing things, pounding a pillow or whatever feels right to you that does not harm another.
  4. If the feelings that arise are sadness, letting go using tears is very useful to move the energy out of your body. Tears are a release of energy and quite literally wash away the sadness that you feel.
  5. You may wish to create a ritual to let these memories go. For example you may write a story about what happened to vent your feelings and then tear, burn, bury or find another way of letting go of the written pages to release the past stuck emotions.
  6. You may use visualization, by bringing the memory to mind and then changing the image of the memory to express what you were unable to say, to do what you wanted to do or to just remove yourself safely from the situation and create a new image of how you would have preferred things to be. This too shifts the energy.
  7. You may use art work to draw the story or the emotions, again to move the energy out of your physical body and onto paper or whatever medium you chose to use.

Doing any of these things or whatever you can create that works well for you will assist with this cleansing process and will speed up your transition and merger with the higher aspects of your soul.

I will leave you with this information for now. Just know that something very amazing is happening on planet earth and all of you have chosen to be part of this exciting time.

Blessings my friends. I love you LOTS


8 Responses to Speeding up the transition

  1. Karen Dickeson says:

    Hello Sheryl,

    I am very new at this, but I too received a very similar writing to yours, I don’t

    have a network of people to talk to about these writings I get, but I find them

    inline with others, the expieriences of releasing are also very much the same

    I am searching for help and or validation at this time, Do you have any ideas?

    I could send todays writing if you are interested ??


  2. Cheryl says:

    Thank you! I have missed the Lady of the Sun messages. How interesting to read this post, as this weekend somebody who caused me great anxiety 25 years ago has resurfaced in my life, and I am trying to figure out what to do (that is, how far to go) with this new opportunity to clear it up, which I tried to complete (or thought I did) 19 years ago. I thought the timing of this person’s reappearance yesterday was very strange/coincidental.

  3. Karla SM says:

    I also have been finding so useful to deal with stress by remembering past situations that caused the same feelings, letting me see how it wasn’t the situations themselves but just the block I had in all of those.

    Wonderful message, thanks so much

  4. sheryl says:

    I’ve had so many memories surface in the past few months and realized that there were still strong feelings attached to many of them. I’ve been working on acknowledging the feelings and letting them move through me without getting stuck in the pain. It has not been an easy process.

    I’ve been guided to write about my past as a way of speeding up this healing process. It’s been amazing that after so many years, I still feel so deeply and that with the remembering, the energy of the emotions are moving out so quickly.

    Blessings, sheryl

  5. heartlightdg says:

    Another timely and awesome message! We have so much wonder ahead. Think I need to work on releasing some more, actually feeling instead of just acknowledging the pain. Maybe then it will leave my body for good! Had a rough few days this week, makes sense now.

  6. Georgia says:

    Since Jan 1st,I have caught myself reminisceing about events in my past,wondering what had caused this to occur,especially since I thought I had let go of my karma.
    Lady of the suns` message helps me to clear away and let go of what my memory? or ego? was still hanging onto.

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  8. matarikidimension says:

    Thank you so much Sheryl and Lady of the Sun

    This explains so much of what is happening for me .. this merging .. I have written about this myself recently.

    Yes.. we have chosen to be part of this exciting time.. and exciting it is!

    Much Love

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