Entering the Ninth Wave

Here’s an article from Denise Le Fay that talks about the new energy that we are now moving into.

March 9, 2011 we officially enter the last, the shortest, and no doubt the most compressed and accelerated phase within the Mayan calendar. Tomorrow humanity and Earth enters the Ninth Wave and quite literally we and reality will never be the same again.

To still polarized minds and lower frequency egos, if the sky doesn’t turn purple tomorrow or the oceans boil then all this Mayan Calendar and Ascension stuff is pure delusional bullshit. To the integrated, no longer polarized mind, tomorrow is another major turning point energetically. To the non-polarized mind and heart, entering the Ninth Wave phase tomorrow is entering the final stretch and seeing the finish line only a short few yards in front of us. Some know what tomorrow will trigger in us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Indigos, the Galactic Center, within mass humanity, and within all global lower frequency patriarchal systems. We know that starting tomorrow the compressed and accelerated simultaneous death/birth stage will fully activate across Earth. Nothing and no one on Earth or off can hide from this Process and its energies.

The Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers also need to understand that entering the Ninth Wave phase will trigger us individually in exactly the way/ways we most need to correct, adjust, integrate and more fully release or let go of whatever within ourselves. I’ve been living this much more consciously the past few weeks and have paid close attention to the last-minute things I need to let go of so I’m free to BE instead of constantly externalized and focused (either mentally, emotionally, or physically) in old but highly familiar DOINGS. What I’ve realized over the past few weeks is what this transition from the Eighth Wave (which began Jan. 5, 1999) into the Ninth Wave (March 9, 2011) is for us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightbearers.  I’ll try to explain what I’ve sensed so far in a very simplified way.


We Starseeds/Lightbearers/Lightworkers are transitioning from DOING the Ascension Process as the Path Cutters, Lightworkers, Energy Transmuters and Wayshowers we’ve been, to now needing to BE the Rewired and increasingly Unified High Heart Conscious beings we’ve individually become due to living, anchoring and surviving Phase One of the Ascension Process. Now that the majority of energy transmuting, integrating, polarity resolution work and new planetary Grid building (if you’re a Starseed Gridworker) and anchoring is completed for us, we’re now evolving into the Ninth Wave phase of increasingly learning (throughout 2011 and its 11-11 portals and other energies) how to Consciously Create and Co-Create the new world reality and how to hold and anchor it in place through our BEING that which we’ve evolved/ascended into. What was the purpose of the Ascension-related body and brain Rewiring and everything else we’ve lived, suffered, and struggled through since the start of the Eighth Wave? So we could house, anchor, and BE and not necessarily need to externally DO anything in that old lower 3D way…unless we want to that is. But the Indigos are increasingly ready to be loosed into the new ascended world to do their parts in it.

Phase One or the Eighth Wave of the Ascension Process was rather like us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers, Path Cutters climbing a huge energy mountain while transmuting most everything throughout the difficult trip and creating an easily seen Pathway behind us for all others to follow when they were ready. Now as we transition into Phase Two—enter the Ninth Wave of the Ascension Process—we’ve got to familiarize ourselves with life on the top of this mountain with the NEW Energies increasingly running through our Rewired bodies/brains/hearts constantly. We’ve got to adapt to our new abilities and tools of Creation via simply BEING and holding and anchoring as integrated, Unified, High Heart Conscious beings. I’ve been learning recently that BEING is harder than DOING, which I found rather surprising, but suspect I’ll quickly adapt and be very glad about this important transition! All of us that this stage and phase applies to now will.

Now that many of us have completed the horrendously difficult Eighth Wave phase of transmuting, integrating and paving the Way out of total Darkness for all interested parties, now we’ve got to learn how to Consciously Create from within ourselves and our High Hearts and BE what we’ve worked so long and hard to accomplish during the past 12-plus years. Now we’ve got to adapt to increasing Source Energies beginning to flow through us, our bodies and brains like it never has before while in physical bodies. Now we’re learning to DO by BEING; to understand by knowing on our own internally and not externally through other Beings, Guides, channels or sources. The Ninth Wave phase is graduation time for many of us Starseeds, Lightbearers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers. Pay attention to whatever you too may need to cast-off and permanently let go of so that you can more easily BE.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.  http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/


20 Responses to Entering the Ninth Wave

  1. Saffier says:

    Thank you dear Soulsister.
    In Love – Truth – and Freedoms Hearthug, Saffier

  2. beatrice veil says:

    Glad to hear this its about time. Have been being since arriving here in July 96. Really glad ! It’s been so tiring

  3. Gwendolyn says:

    I feel so depressed and overwhelmed with all the sadness
    I also feel really confused and I feel disconnected and very weepy
    For at least a week before the Japan tragedy I felt dread in my 3rd chakra
    now I feel an empty hopelessness and no joy
    I feel like Shakespeare’s sonnet:
    “when in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes
    yadda, yadda”
    but especially the line “and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries”
    ’cause it seems like humanity has been abandoned to the darkness
    where is this great influx of light?

  4. sandy says:

    very ochen wonderful!

  5. lisa girard says:

    A couple of months ago, I stopped taking and posting pictures on FB of 11:11, my friends were all giving negative feedback. But two days ago I took a pic at a red light of 11:11. And the jpeg number for that pic was 1111.

  6. Chuck says:

    Get your surf board ready! Cowbunga!

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  8. Brutus says:

    There are far too many new age terms in this article, for a less fluffy version of the culminating phase of humanity’s consciousness evolution to end in October 28th of this year and beginning today itself, March 9th, refer to the works of Carl Calleman at http://www.Calleman.com “the Dawn of the Unity Wave” in particular. He is at the spearhead of understanding these ancient mayan beliefs and how relevant they are for us today.

  9. Meri says:

    Traveling these last periods in my ‘timecapsule’ ; my home, my bodies, my experiences, made sense to me.
    It was no longer the life in the outer world, groups, rituals etc.- which came to a decisive halt -,
    but a change inwards which pulled me.
    This coïncided with the change we women go through, felt natural, and the ending of my relationship after 20 years,
    which was a mixture of relief and grieving, sad we didn’t come through together.
    A long wave of evaluation, ebb&tidal has been surging in me ,
    looking over my life ànd lifetimes as I feel have been very much part of the integration process in this life.
    It’s like a did&do my personal DNA, but then moved on to the ancestral blueprint as well, probably both in bloodline as in soul.
    Being interested in shamanism since 25 years, and before that in reïncarnation, near death experiences,
    followed and accompanied by healing, the Maya Calendar,the prophecies from the Hopi, The Dogon,
    were all Wayshowers on my path.
    Lately I almost can’t read any more.
    Can’t go into ‘discussions’, or philosophic conversations, intellect stuff.
    I’ve been very busy with enjoying the ‘small things’ in life.
    Even baking and knitting arose (mom will have a big laugh somewhere on a cloud!!).
    I need to Be with mySelf.
    When I’m able , and feel pure enough, I can share energy with others, in giving treatments with bio energy, shamanic sessions, soul retrieval.
    This makes complete sense to me, certainly after reading this piece on the Ninth Wave.
    The pyramidal build-up of re-living, re-wiring, & opening up the new energy circuits in ourselves, I can confirm.
    Probably it’s different for everyone, ànd likely to be un-expected in many many ways for all of us.
    An extraordinary journey, and I feel blessed to have met so different people, so different challenges, beauty, and inspiration.
    In my home, I feel like living in a temple.
    My deeds, my energy,my prayers, weave into the great pattern.
    The Sacred Fire is a beautiful companion.
    This communication on face book a joy in the often also lonely times.
    I hope we will forfill Creators Dreams , and go beyond ….
    from my heart, Merí .

  10. Sharon says:

    I was wondering why I haven’t felt like doing anything for the past few weeks. That is very unlike me. Now I know. Thank you for the information.

  11. Cynthia Sudduth says:

    Thank you so much!! ~:)

  12. Cynthia Sudduth says:

    Wow This is so in tune with where I am ~:) I had no idea thoughts like this were out there and tomorrow is my birthday as well. I am having a ritual circle celebrating personal letting go and honoring of “I am”ness. Lucky me!

  13. Shar* says:

    WOW< Beautiful Denise, NAMASTE and THK U for this amazing share, blessings, xo

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  15. joel says:

    i am feeling this big time lately, looking forward to tomorrow. Joel

  16. ReikiHealer says:

    Thank you so much, Denise! Love and light!

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