Solstice Opportunity

There is something very special about the Solstice this year. On March 20th, the solstice happens, the moon is full and the moon will be the closest to the earth that it has been in nearly 20 years, what is called a “Supermoon”. This is all following the beginning of the 9th wave that we recently entered.

I’m not certain what all of this means, I just know that there is another energy shift happening this weekend and with this comes the  opportunity to take action that will assist you to let go of the past at an even deeper level and set intentions for the life you would like to create for yourself.

The Lady of the Sun has given me a process to follow to assist with accelerating our process out of our old lives and into the new. It’s a 2 part process that can be started today and worked on over the coming year.Step 1 is about completing the work of letting go of the past, healing old wounds, and moving any blocked energy out of your body to create more space for light energy. I see it as a kind of housecleaning that has been going for many of us in an intense way over the past couple of years. Again, I don’t completely understand the details, I just know that it is part of  preparing ourselves for Awakening, Ascension, Enlightenment, or whatever you choose to call this process.

To speed up the process and take advantage of the energies of the solstice energy, you can spend some time writing about what you want to let go of and what you really desire. Here’s what Lady of the Sun said:

“Begin to write about what is troubling you, what happened in your life that was disturbing.  All of the unanswered questions, your frustrations your what if’s and anything that comes up for you related to the distress you are feeling.

This is a purging of sorts of the emotional blockages that are still trapped in your body. Do be prepared for the energy to move and it will show up as emotions that seem to be coming out of nowhere, but are just energy that is being released, like the retracing that happens with chiropractic treatment.”

The suggested process is to write down things like:

  • anything that is bothering you
  • disappointments
  • frustrations
  • life challenges & traumas
  • regrets
  • what/who you have been unable to forgive
  • everything about your past that you wish did not happen
  • anything that you are ready to let go of or change about your life

It’s a way to explore anything in your life that is not yet fully healed or that you are still holding onto and are ready to change. By physically writing this down, you are helping to activate the blocked emotional energy which can then be released. Be prepared for emotions to be felt as they unblock and do what you need to do to take care of yourself.  And if this ever feels overwhelming, take a break or stop for now. Just do what is right for you.

The next step after you have completed your writing is to do something physical to let go or get rid of what you have written. I’ve done similar work over the years and my favorite way to do this is to tear the paper up and burn it in the fireplace while holding on to the image that this is getting rid of those things from my life that I am ready to let go of.

I’ve heard of other people tearing up the paper into small pieces and flushing it down the toilet, or burying it in the earth, or just putting the paper out in the trash. Whatever you choose to do is perfect for you. It’s just about taking some kind of action to let this go.

Once this is done, it is time to begin to write down what you really want to have in your life, all of your dreams and desires, all of the good stuff that you wish you had, all of the intentions that you have for your life from this day forward. It’s creating a vision for your new life.

There are many ways to do this. It’s kind of like setting new years resolutions, but on a much larger scale. Write down what you desire in all areas of your life – health, relationships, work, home, things, finances, and anything else you can think of. But do this is general terms if possible.

For example, instead of writing that you want a job working at the post office sorting letters, write that you would like a job where to you get to use your skills and experiences, do whatever you are passionate about and get paid at least whatever amount of money you desire. And always add something like, “I’d like this or something even better.”

Often our thinking is limited and we think small, focusing only on what we  think is possible. Our spirit friends know that so much more is available, but will only help us to have what we say that we want.

When you write what you desire, write it using words that state that you already have what you desire. I like to set intentions by writing, “I am so happy and grateful now that….” and then write a list of what I want. Again, how you do this is up to you.

If you like, you can go on to create a vision board which is a visual picture of what you really want in your life. I like to do this on my computer and use it as a background picture, but other people do this using photos, magazine pictures and words on a piece of bristol board.

However you choose to do this process of letting go of the past and create a vision for you future is perfect. There is no right or wrong way, just your own unique way.

Lady  of the Sun has recommended that I spend a couple of days writing down what I want to let go of and then get rid of the pages and then spend a couple of days writing down what I really want. She suggested that I may want to repeat this process whenever anything else needs to be healed or when I think of something else that I would like in my life.

If you choose to use this process, how much time this will take is really up to you. Some people have completed the healing that is needed and some have only begun and many are somewhere in between. Do whatever is right for you.

There are a couple of main reasons for doing this. The first is about gaining awareness about what is still bothering you, keeping you stuck and to begin the process of healing. It is like you are setting the intention that you are ready and willing to let go of all that is not healed. And then you are setting the intention for all of the good things you would like to have in your life.

And the second reason – Once you set this intention, your guides and angels have permission to work with you to make this happen. In our world of free choice they do not interfere and wait until we are ready and ask for help.

Doing this exercise in identifying what needs to be healed and taking action to let it go may bring the end of your healing process right away or it may set you on the path to making this happen. You will know if the healing is complete and your guides and angels will send you the resources, supports and strength to finish this work in a way that is appropriate for you.

2011 is a year for new beginnings and a year for manifesting what our heart desires. This begins by letting go of the old and taking action to  create the life that we want to experience rather than the life that we ended up in due to our life circumstances. We are all powerful manifestors and this process is one way to set this all into motion.

That’s all for now, but let me know if you have any questions. I have some writing to do to get this process started for myself.

Blessings, sheryl


5 Responses to Solstice Opportunity

  1. heartlightdg says:

    I have mentioned in other places that I am having issues doing this right now. I have done a lot of soul searching, excavation and releasing in the last two years but now this time, I have met with resistance. I am coming up with minor issues. Makes me wonder if I have cleared myself or am fighting myself….will keep at it though.
    Thanks for the exercise.

  2. Sharon Hall says:

    of course I meant “huge” but interesting it came out the way it did!

  3. Sharon Hall says:

    We had an absolutely beautiful moon last night, hug and luminous, in a completely clear sky. The power was inescapable.

  4. Susan Kleppe says:

    Thanks Sheryl, I wish I could see the moon tonight, it is cloudy her in Minnesota. I have been feeling uncontrollably tired and barely able to stay awake the past 2 ays, hope this lessons up soon. Maybe it is the moon pulling me, I am having very vibrant dreams. Take Care and shine bright!

  5. Karla says:

    Thank you sheryl, wonderful message. This week many things began to push my buttons, and today feelings were so overwhelming. Now I understand where this is comeing from. I too have practiced the method of tearing paper, and doing some exercise, it works perfectly.

    Blessings, we are almost there, basically only one year left or less since days are no longer days but something shorter.

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