Behind the Scenes

I’d like to welcome everyone who is new to this blog and say a big thank you to everyone who is a part of the Spirit Speaks Community. I feel so honored and grateful that you take time out from your day to check out what is going on in my world.

Just wanted to share a behind the scenes look at the blog for those of you who have just found your way here and to let you know what has been going on lately. It has been a very interesting couple of years.

I was guided to start this blog about 2 years ago. At that time, I had no interest in blogging and no idea why I’d be asked to start a blog. I was pretty resistant and my spirit guide kept gently pushing me to get going.

So I started the blog and began to post the messages that were being given to me by the spirit beings that I “hear” speaking to me. I did this with much hesitation. At the time I was feeling pretty “crazy” having this gift of clairaudience and actually doing what the voices in my head were asking me to do. I was working as a mental health professional at the time and hearing voices usually results in being given a prescription, so I was very careful who I told.

I was also asked to share my personal experiences as a spiritual seeker, trying to make sense of who I am in relation to the world of spirit and all of the unusual experiences that had started to happen in my life. So over the past 2 years, you’ve been walking with me as I try to understand and cope with all of the challenges and changes I’ve been dealing with.

2 years later, I feel very comfortable with having a blog and passing along messages from the spirit beings. Lately, it has been only the Lady of the Sun who has been asking me to be a messenger for her words of wisdom. I met her in the early 90’s while meditating at the Wesak Festival at Mount Shasta. After meeting, she disappeared from my life. It was only this past year that I began to “hear” her loving voice. These days, she is a constant companion. I find it easy to connect with her on some days and harder on others.

Just after I started this blog, I had to leave my job as an employment counsellor, working in a mental health program. I was burnt out and the constant stress had triggered an episode of depression. I was pretty sick at the time and had been dealing with periods of depression for over 20 years. I decided at that time that I would do whatever it took to be well.

It’s been a 2 year period of intense healing for me and I’m finally starting to feel well most of the time. I find I still have to be careful what I do and where I go, but if I stay quiet and avoid things that stress me out, I stay well.

During this time I worked with a herbalist, many different alternative  practitioners, read many, many, many books about healing, and tried out just about everything I could find that I thought might be helpful. And along the way, after many ups and down, I started to feel better for longer periods of time.

This also was an intense period of spiritual journeying. I also read many, many books on spiritual topics, spent days reading info on the internet, listened to teleseminars, tried out many new things and spent a lot of time chatting with the spirit beings who work with me.

On top of healing from fluctuating moods, I have also been assaulted by the energy shifts and awakening process that started to happen in the last 2 years. That too had me flat out on the couch for days at a time with an ongoing symphony of physical and emotional pain. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you likely got tired of hearing me moan about the latest version of the energetic flu that had hit.

A lot of the time, I did not post anything on the blog. Many times, I just felt too tired to do anything. Often I lost my clear connection to my spirit friends and just could not hear them. And I did not want to bore you with yet another whining blog post about how awful life had become. So, often, I was just silent.

I can’t say that I am where I want to be yet, but I am certainly a lot closer to physical, emotional and spiritual health than I have ever been. I’ve been guided to a few new things to do this spring that I am working on and I expect to end up feeling even better soon. I’ve been told that by September, I’ll be ready to really begin my “work”.

I’m still amazed that it was March 9th, the beginning of the 9th wave in the mayan calendar that marked the first day in a long time that I actually felt really well. And  feeling well has been with me most of the time since then. I still have times when my buttons get pushed, strong emotions rise and I feel like crap again. But the bad times are happening so much less and the good times are lasting longer and longer.

My connection with the Lady of the Sun keeps getting clearer and I’ve been told that Mother Mary will be back to share messages as soon as I get over my fear of saying that she speaks to me. Working on that one.

I’ve started posting mini messages a couple of times a week on my facebook page and will soon be able to send these mini messages out via email if you’d prefer. I’ll let you know when that is working.

I’m hoping that I will be able to post longer messages from my spirit friends on this blog more often. My life is finally settling down and I have more time, energy and a stronger clairaudient connection to work with.

Things are looking up.  2011 is going to be an amazing year. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Blessings, sheryl


4 Responses to Behind the Scenes

  1. Linda Waugh says:

    Thank you for the inspiring messages in your blog. It helps to hear of others with similar circumstances. The best to you.

  2. Divsy says:

    TY Sheryl for the update.
    It would appear we are beginning to read more and more from our GPS – the energy assimilation process looks promising.

  3. heartlightdg says:

    Very happy for you Sheryl! Looking forward to more writings from you and Spirit.

  4. Kate I says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve been feeling better Sheryl. I’ve noticed many positive changes in the last 3 weeks or so as well and although I still get very tired at times, I feel so enthused and positive most of the time. Amazing times indeed!

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