Exit Points

Thanks for all of your prayers, the energy sent our way and the many messages of support. My daughter is doing much better and we hope she will soon be out of the hospital.

She has been diagnosed with Lupus and had another auto-immune disorder called Antiphosholipid Antibody Syndrome. This has caused many challenges since her symptoms started when she was a young teenager. She has had a heart attack, stroke, many, many blood clots and in the past couple of years – chronic pain, kidney problems, liver problems, seizures and her latest challenge, bleeding in her lungs. For a few days, I was unsure if she would pull through, but she has – once again.

As a Mom, it is a challenge to let go and allow her to choose what she needs to experience and to feel okay about her decision to either leave this life or stay. She is a wonderful being of light and love and I appreciate having her in physical form. You really find out how much you love someone when you are unsure if they are going to live or die.

I knew that she was facing what I call an “exit point”. These are the times in our life when we have the option of leaving the physical and returning to spirit or staying on the planet in a human body.

In my life lately, there have been many people who have been near death and have chosen either to leave or to stay. It’s been a challenging time, just waiting to find out what happens. It’s a time of mixed feelings, celebrating a return to spirit and mourning the loss of wonderful human beings. I must say I am very happy my daughter chose to stay.

Here’s a message from the Lady of the Sun about exit points

Most of you plan for exit points when you develop the outline of what you are coming to earth to do and experience. You can choose to leave or choose to stay depending on what is happening in your lives at the time and in the lives of those around you. For a leaving affects many other souls and needs to be carefully planned.

For many people, the exit point represents a time when your karma has been cleared and you have done and learned most of what you came here to do and learn. You have the option of returning to spirit, or staying here and creating a new life for yourself, having let go of the past and being free of karmic debt.

When you reach one of these exit points, you arrange to meet with your soul’s support team on the other side to discuss what to do, what is best for the soul at this point and what is best for those around them. Much discussion and planning takes place, but ultimately the individual soul makes a choice.

Some people choose to leave because life has gotten very difficult for them to exist in a physical body. Physical bodies do break down and dis-ease, pain and suffering may be experienced. The soul may get weary of the burden of this suffering and decide to leave the physical and continue their work in the spirit realm.

Some people choose to stay and either continue with the same situation they were in, or make other choices, which happens more frequently. They choose another experience, most often something that involves feeling joy and experiencing abundance – another experience they would like to have while in physical form.

What happens really depends on the situation and what is best for the soul and for those around them, for choosing to exit has an impact on all who support the soul while on earth. Because of this, their higher selves are also included in the decision making, having the opportunity to let the soul know their perspective on their choice to leave or stay. And all of the guides and angels involved are allowed to share their ideas and preferences.

All of this information is taken into consideration when making the final decision, which is the decision of the soul who is at the exit point. The choice that they make is always for the highest good although it may not seem to be at the time when those who are left behind experience loss. But remember that loss can be mourned or the transition can be celebrated. You get to choose.

And I’d like to address that which you call suicide. The point of suicide is also an exit point that is part of the divine plan of a soul. If it is appropriate for the soul to leave the physical, they will. If it is not the best time, they will be sent back to complete the work that they came here to do. As with any exit point, there is much planning that goes into the decision of the soul to stay or leave. There is always a perfection in their choice to leave as most often, being in physical form has become very difficult for the soul.

Just know that from the perspective of spirit, there is no judgement on whatever choice the soul has made. Again, the decision is not made in isolation as a grand meeting of souls takes place and the choice that is made is for the highest good of all. That is just what you do when you plan from the perspective of your soul or what you may call your higher self. You make the best possible choice.

You will all find that many people are facing exit points at this time as the earth goes through its grand time of transition. Many souls have completed their soul contracts, cleared karma and can make the choice of experiencing the transition as a being in physical form or a being in spiritual form. The choice is always for the highest good of all. Know this to be true.

Just know that loss will happen for many as they let go of human beings who they dearly love. Just know that what you call death is not an  ending of life, but a transition from physical form to spiritual form. And, whether you choose to mourn or celebrate this transition is a choice that you make.

Blessings, I love you, LOTS – Lady of the Sun

25 Responses to Exit Points

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    Exit Points | Spiritspeaksblog

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  8. Ruby says:

    I was a victim of a medical fluke/malpractice. At the time I was addicted to Klonopin, and anti-anxiety drug.. I was agoraphobic and could barely go outside for a year. I would also take pain pills sometimes but was not physically addicted to those, having only taken them sporadically for a few weeks.

    The rehab I went to was not glamourous. My family visited me and could see how miserable I was. I was desperate to get off these evil pills. Long story short, at the rehab I was given way more methadone than I needed over the course of 18 hours (I honestly didn’t need any, but took it because I was terrified and didn’t question the doctors). I remember starting to hallucinate, feeling like I couldn’t walk straight, and getting very tired. The last thing I vaguely remember doing was flopping onto my cot to lay down.

    I woke up in ICU.

    In the beginning I was still hallucinating and drifting in and out of sleep. I started throwing up a lot. I looked down to realize there was a catheter in me, and when I asked for my clothes later the doctors said they had to cut them off me.

    Basically what happened was that one of the staff had found me in bed, and I had turned blue. The hospital gave me 3 doses of Narcan (anti-overdose drug for opiates) before I regained consciousness/normal responsiveness. I ended up staying in the hospital for 6 days while they monitored my liver. Doctors told me that if I wasn’t so young, my liver wouldn’t have made it. I was only 21 at the time.

    Why was I made to stay alive at this point? This feels like an obvious exit point to me. I felt almost no desire to live, I had attempted suicide a few times in the previous months because I had little joy in my life. My animals were the only bright spots on my life. Sometimes I begged outside of the gas station, trying to find someone who could sell me pills. Anxiety took so much away from me.

    The awesome part is that today, I have been off pills for almost 2 years. But you never would have convinced me that I could live without them, back then. My life didn’t get better right after the overdose… It actually got a lot worse. I had to move in with my family (lost my apartment), and basically started doing heroin.

    Today I love a cross the country, have been clean for over a year, have loving friends for the first time and don’t want to die anymore. So… Did I avoid my exit point because I knew life would get better down the line?

  9. Gia says:

    Here is a bit more which I wrote on Dana’s blog:
    Two years ago I had a friend. She had been fighting (kidney) cancer for over 8 years. (Western medicine) doctors had been impressed how she had been able to fight it this long. She was in remission for several years, when it returned. We had been in close contact at that time. This time it came back and NOTHING could be done. I knew how much she wanted to stay and asked for info from my guides…and my friend’s and all we came up with is that we all have a path. Hers came to an end in this reality. She basically had already negotiated before – and been granted more time – but now it was time to move on.
    I, myself, have been told to have had at least one of those “choice points” guess I decided to stick around – and my negotiations went well …

  10. Gia says:

    I came here through the link on Dana Taylor’s post and have already written a long comment on her site. Just wanted to share that I’ve been told (by different sources, my own and a friend’s channels) that we do have possible exit points – similar to what you are writing about.
    There is a nice short article you might enjoy on this site:


    I was told we have choice points and they are up for negotiation. However we also have our path. At some point the path has to end (in this reality) but perhaps there’s something important waiting for us on the other side?
    Or, we have already negotiated before and now our time is simply up …
    I have a few thoughts on this topic but don’t want to make this too long. Thanks for writing about this topic, I am sure you are hitting a hot spot with it.

  11. […] Sheryl Pedersen providing information from a spirit guide called Lady of the Sun at her website Spirit Speaks. Here is an excerpt from Exit […]

  12. Sean says:

    Your daughter’s illnesses sound very much like vaccination adverse reactions to me.

  13. Todd says:

    I have never belonged on the earth , this feeling comes deep from within the fibers of my very being, I always loved my parents and they me, with all my heart, it was always us three, my dad went to heaven when i was 19, my mom will be going to heaven soon , without them i am truly nothing, and only want to be with them again in heaven, i dont really get along with other people , i view them most all as being such immoral sinners, i am the most alone soul on planet earth, i have no friends and no purpose to exist , i never got to have a girl while in earthly form , because of this i am a failure, do you possibly know how it feels to be so outnumbered by wicked people and so alone and cut off from the universe, if a train hit me tomorrow i would think nothing of it i have become so numb and hopeless , i have no future on earth, the whole concept of money is a pointless waste, i only care about love and want to help others, these higher concepts are like talking to a brick wall in regard to trying to connect with earth people, i truly look forward to having at least one friend in heaven, or if not i will have my parents to love and be loved by them again.

    ohio st univ

    • S says:

      Hi Todd,

      I came across your post. I hope you found happiness, joy and love in your life. I am sorry about your parents but they would love to see you succeed in life and lead a happy life.

      Wish you all the success.

      best wishes,


  14. Christian T. says:

    Hello Lady of The Sun,

    I am very curious about exit points. I’ve read that we assign ourselves these exit points before we incarnate. Well, when I was only about 9 or 10 months old I had Bacterial Meningitis, was that one of my ‘exit points’?

    In 2005 I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, my hematologist told us that it was a miracle I lived past the age of 3.

    My question is, why would I choose to enter this life and then make an exit point a mere 10 months later? For some reason, it gives me that feeling that I’m not here to live a very long life.

    I’m almost 19 years old now, and I do have this strong feeling of another ‘exit point’ coming soon.

    • sheryl says:

      I don’t really have any more information about exit points beyond what is in the article. You might be able to find out more if you do a web search on the topic.
      Hope you find the info you are looking for.

  15. Colin says:

    I was under the impression that suicide is not used as an exit point nor is it written in anyone’s chart. Can you provide clarification?

    Many thanks.

  16. sheryl says:

    Thanks for all of your kind feedback and for the link for the ebook. My daughter was discharged from the hospital today. She needs to follow up with a few docs, but at least she is doing much better.

  17. mekia says:

    hi, sheryl and lady of the sun, thank you both im glad your daughter is doing better. i came a across a form of healing that may or may not help, but its worth a shot if there is a chance it can help. its called emotion code. the theory is that trapped emotions cause dis-ease because of the effect it has on the flow and distortion of energy. here is the link for the ebook (it was free when i signed up for the news letters so i thought it would be okay to share) http://www.thelastenergybender.com/theemotioncode.pdf
    i dont know if its the answer but i had to share if there was a chance it would help you. love light and bless

  18. Jean says:

    My prayers are with you all. lov, Jean

  19. Gwendolyn says:

    I’m glad that your daughter is recovering
    I’m grateful for this message as I was just wondering about the suicide question only yesterday and the Lady of the Sun answered a question I have never voiced
    Thank you

  20. Kate I says:

    Sheryl I’m very happy to hear that your daughter is feeling better and may be coming home soon. Even with the information that there is really no death, losing a child is such a difficult…if not the most difficult…event for a parent to come to terms with.

    I’ve thought about this a lot myself and have likened it in a small way to when my grandmother left Scotland at the age of 28, for a new life in Canada and never returned home. Her mother never saw her again and in those days overseas phone calls were far too expensive to use more than once or twice in all those years. What would it be like to say goodbye to an adult child and know that they “are still out there somewhere” but to realize you will never see them again.

    You’re a strong and courageous soul and I’m so happy for you that your daughter has chosen to stay. Blessings to you both.

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