Learning to trust

It has been quite the ride for me over the past couple of weeks. From the highest highs to the lowest lows – once again.

After 10 days in the hospital, my daughter has returned home with many follow-up appointments being booked to find out what is going on and come up with a solution to help her feel better and get on with her life. She’s still not well, but is stable and resting at home with her hubby to love and care for her.

As a mom, this has been a very difficult time. I don’t know of anything that is harder for a mom than to watch my child suffer and be unable to ease her pain. The best I can do is be with her, love her, encourage her, listen, and hold her in my heart. And – be an advocate for her to help navigate the medical system.

And at the same time, I was learning how to take care of myself, how to reach out for help and how to let other people care for me when I needed support. This was the first time that I have consciously asked for help both from people in my world and my spirit friends. I had learned not to trust at a young age and to just do things by myself but it was time to let this go.

And, when I asked for help, people responded in such generous ways. Just knowing that others were saying prayers for her made a HUGE difference for both of us. My friends and family supported us in many ways. And my spirit friends always led me to the perfect solution for  whatever was happening.

As this was happening, I have been doing some inner work with Eloryia which has been very profound for me. I reached out to her when I though my daughter was dying and she made a suggestion that was so helpful. She suggested I have a chat with my daughter’s higher self and bring her with me into the violet flame. I have done both of these things and it has given me such peace of mind.

I was not ready to let my child die and gotten really frustrated that she was getting sicker instead of healing. I recognized how much judgment I had about her illness and how I was trying to get her to do what I wanted her to do instead of trusting her to find her own way. During out chat, I let this go and let her know that I would respect whatever choices she make and love her anyways. That was an amazing experience.

Eloryia also helped me to begin to activate my clairvoyant gifts. We removed a lot of blocks and fears and I began to see things clearly. During this process, I had a vision of my daughter about 10 years into the future, in perfect health, working in her chosen profession as a nurse and as happy as can be.It’s a beautiful picture of a  beautiful soul.

Now when I think of my daughter, I still have my protective mom moments of worry and distress, but I consciously shift to this image of her in perfect health and just like magic, all of the bad feelings are GONE. I feel peace and confidence and just know that she will be okay.

I’ve learned so much through this experience and it came at a perfect time in my life. It pushed me into facing many fears, allowed me to try out new ways of managing difficult situations and brought me to the point where I have found that I can trust others, myself and my spirit friends. This has been my main life lesson and I am feeling like I finally know what trust is all about and that when I trust – good things happen that go beyond anything that I could think of myself.

Blessings, sheryl


3 Responses to Learning to trust

  1. heartlightdg says:

    I am so happy for you Sheryl! I’m very glad you get to have your daughter with you for a much longer time than you feared. What a journey for both of you. And wisdom came out of the hard times, as usual. Much as we would prefer not to have to go through them, you came out the other side with more strength than you knew you had and better access to your talents.

    Hugs and Blessings!

  2. What a profound gift your daughter has given you…the opportunity to open and learn many things 🙂 ….Deep sigh…



  3. Mike Selacek says:

    Yeah. I’m glad things will work out for you. And that is typical of humans, they have to be taken to the edge before they wake up and move mountains. Great and happy days ahead. Amen

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