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It has been while since I posted a message from the Lady of the Sun. I’ve been so focused on caring for my daughter, that I had to let go of some things. I’m still spending most days at the hospital with her, but she is now stable. She still has a long way to go to recover and there still are risks of complications, but today has been the best in a long time.

When I am stressed, I often forget that my spirit friends are always with me and I tend to stop listening. Yesterday they got through to me and have gently guided me back to being aware of their constant presence. Seems so silly to disregard such a valuable resource when the need is the greatest and I’m glad that they just wait patiently for me to pay attention.

So, today I am listening and here’s a message from the Lady of the Sun:

My dear children of light,

It is not uncommon for many of you to forget that your guides and angels are always walking with you and are there to support you in all ways. Never do you walk alone on your journey. You always have loving support available. You just need to ask for what you want and need and we will do our best to guide and support you to the best possible outcome.

It is now moving into a time where your life learning will once again be accelerating to move you through the final levels of healing and clearing that are needed for you to move fully into being the light beings that you are. This work is complete for a few of you and nearly complete for most of you.

And yet, there are a few who are still somewhat resistant to change and let go of the old way of being and this message is especially important for those of you who are afraid of what the future might bring. And I emphasize the word MIGHT.

For when you let your mind wander into what might be different if you let go of the old way of doing things and move into the new, your thoughts most often take you to a place of fear, or imagining the worst which, of course, only escalates the fear that you already are feeling.

Your brains are programmed in this way as a mechanism to ensure survival and at times both in this lifetime and in the past lives of your species, this has been very functional. You have needed to anticipate what might happen in order for you to avoid pain and danger that may threaten your life.

You are programmed to automatically think that the noise in the night might represent danger. Your brain automatically searches it memory bank of information to try and find out what the noise might be. If it is recognized as a noise that may mean danger, you are readied to react – to do what you need to do to avoid pain and danger.

When the noise occurs and you cannot find a memory that tells you how to respond, your mind then goes on red alert, assuming that the noise does represent danger and your body responds to prepare you for fight or flight as it has been called. This is simply a protective mechanism that you were born with.

But for many of you, this runs you into problems when you can’t identify the noise. You become alert and begin to imagine what it might be that is a potential threat. Again, what it MIGHT be – not what it is.

Your imagination may begin to run wild as you try to determine what monster you may have to face. And most often, those who function in this way create the biggest, largest and scariest monster that you can imagine and then may come up with a clear plan of how you will survive when it attacks.

What a lot of stress you create for yourself when you let your mind wander in this way. All this because the noise MIGHT be coming from something that MIGHT do you harm. Very rarely is there a risk of danger.

You can move yourself out of this automatic pattern of thinking if you choose. It starts by catching yourself when you feel the anxiety rise. Instead of letting your mind wander into the worst of what it MIGHT be, you can choose to think thoughts that leave you feeling calm. You do have a choice as soon as you are aware of what you are thinking.

You may swing to the choice of thinking that  the noise might be from something that can cause harm and into thinking that the noise might be from something that is really amazingly wonderful. You can choose to imagine that it MIGHT be something that brings you pleasure.

Or you can simply choose to just be in the moment and not anticipate anything that MIGHT happen and just be with the experience. This is the path of the master, just being in the moment with the experience, not anticipating danger or pleasure. This is being. Just experiencing each moment as it occurs.

So how does this relate to personal growth and healing? This is because many have a tendency to anticipate that change will bring them danger and pain. This keeps many feeling stressed as they anticipate the worst.

And some tend to anticipate the very best that they can think of and when the do not have the experience that they want, they feel disappointed and let down. They no longer want to change because the do not want to have the experience of feeling let down and disappointed. So they prefer to stay the same.

But if you choose to just be with the experience as it is happening and let go of any thought of what MIGHT happen, be it danger or something pleasant you would like, you stay in the moment with the experience. You are just BEING with the experience.

This is a place of peace and calm and if you choose, it can be a place of interest and excited anticipation as you wait to find out what unfolds when you are in the flow of your life, taking one step at a time, living fully in each moment.

Instead of anticipating what MIGHT happen, why not look at each situation and say “this is interesting” without judging it to be good of bad which is what you humans tend to do. When you do this, you will find that your life changes in many positive ways, for it is the judgement and the anticipation of good or bad that causes the problems for you, not the situation itself.

Apply this to your life as you move into being who you really are. Don’t let the fear of what might be stop you from change and don’t let the possibility of disappointment if you don’t experience what you anticipate stop you from making change.

Just learn to BE with the change – seeing it all as something interesting, not good or bad, just that it is. It is also helpful to imagine the best possible outcome for each small change as long as you do not get caught up in thinking that the result needs to be something specific for this will lead to disappointment and slow your progress.

Allow the change to happen by just BEING with whatever happens, knowing that you will always be guided and supported by your spiritual support team to bring you to the highest possible outcome which, most often, is so much better than anything that you can imagine.

Just keep on your journey, putting one foot in front of the other, just being with what is in the moment. And know that you are not alone.

Blessings. I love you LOTS!  Lady of the Sun


7 Responses to Just being

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you Sheryl for sharing the message from Lady of the Sun. Sending comfort and loving thoughts to you and your daughter. So much love, Jean

  2. Susan Kleppe says:

    Thank you for this post. I hope your daughter is doing well. I have a 27 year old daughter who insists our house is haunted and is upset by sounds she hears in the night. She is also looking at making major changes in her life. I plan to show this to her and think it could help to calm her. Again thank you for taking the time to post this, and I hope all is well with you.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Very glad to have a new message from Lady of the Sun, and a great reminder it is. I especially needed to hear it again. Thank you, and wishing you and your daughter well.

  4. ((((Sheryl))))

    ESPAVO! Your strength and centeredness in the face of change and human challenges reminds us all of our own potential to do so also. This message is a wonderful encapsulation of what it means to face moments of “the unknown,” be it an unidentified sound, a tentatively taken “next step,” or circumstances beyond our apparent control.

    It seems we are all embroiled in a myriad of dramas of one sort or the other during this timeframe. How we handle it is critical to our well-being, the escalation of fear or not, and the true and repeated challenge of staying in the flow of the Now.

    Keep your life vest (spiritual support]on and you are sure to continue down these rapids, even if you bobble in the waters from time to time.

    Much love to all.

  5. Michele Corke says:

    First of all, I would Like to extend my thoughts and prayers of strength for both you and your daughter. Secondly, I would Like to Congratulate as well as Thank You, for Being able to BE despite all you may be up against. This beautiful Message of Truth IS a much needed Reminder, especially Here and Now.
    Much Love to You for Sharing~

  6. Gwendolyn says:

    Thank you darling for taking the time to be in the moment to receive this message for us. We all forget from time to time that this moment is all there is. It is good to be reminded. A beautiful and “timely” message. Healing blessings on you and your daughter.
    Peace in,

  7. Dear Sheryl,
    holding you and your daughter in the love of heartlight. thank you for this message of remembering to be in each moment. We are so wise and we all forget the simple things! I am so glad that you have the Lady of the Sun and support around you. We are so blessed.
    May June be a month of blessings for you and yours,
    With love

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