Getting Back To Work

It’s the first day of school for students in the part of Ontario where I live and it seemed like the perfect day for me to get back to work, sharing messages and supporting people on their spiritual journeys.

I took the summer off to support my daughter who is still in the hospital. It’s been over 4 months now. She’s doing much better but is still recovering from a heart attack, has a hole in her bladder that causes urine to leak into her belly (very painful), needs a walker and a splint to walk, and she is dealing with ongoing infections from the bleeding in her belly and the damage that caused. And, she’s only 31 years old. Her life has been challenging as all of this was triggered by an auto immune disorder that’s affected her since she was 13.

I spent a lot of time this summer with her at the hospital providing love and support. And when I was not spending time with her, I found I was too worn out to do much else. I realized that I needed to do a better job of taking care of myself and I chose to put work on hold to be a full-time parent again for a while.

My daughter’s husband has taken some time off work to be with her while she makes the transition from hospital to home. Because of this, I have more time and energy to get back to doing the work that I love.

It’s been quite a ride this summer. There were so many unknowns each day and so many days when we did not know if she would live or die. As a parent, this is one of the worst experiences I’ve had and yet, there has been so much that has been positive.

I have learned sooooo much through all of this – about myself, about what is important, about how to love and about how to deal with challenges from a spiritual perspective. This has been an amazing learning experience.

I plan to start writing about many of the lessons I’ve learned as well as getting back to posting regular channeled messages. And, I hope to keep producing video posts so you can actually see me at work while I am channeling.

Thanks for your support and patience with me this summer. I know that I left many things unfinished and I am sorry if I did not get back to you. If you are still waiting for me to respond to an email message or do anything that I had promised, please contact me by email and let me know.

It will take me some time to get back to working full time but I’m back…..

Blessings, sheryl


8 Responses to Getting Back To Work

  1. sheryl says:

    Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. It sure feels great to be back at work this week. I’m looking forward to getting on with my work as a spiritual messenger.

  2. Matariki says:

    Great to see you back Sheryl.

    Sending you, your daughter and all of your family much love and reiki.

    I will never forget how much you helped me at at particularly trying time in my life. You help so many … your daughter is very fortunate to have you with her during all of these challenges. Remember to look after yourself too.
    Big hugs and so much Love



  3. heartlightdg says:

    Welcome back Sheryl! Glad your daughter is improving and could transition home. Sounds like a rough summer for your family, but it was wonderful that you could be there for her, and for yourself.
    I look forward to your messages again. We have missed you!

  4. Jean says:

    Sheryl………….my heart’s love and comfort are with you and your daughter, dear Sister. I love you, Jean

  5. Linda Waugh says:

    so glad to hear that your daughter is doing better and is able to go hope. Let’s hope she continues to improve.

  6. KarlaSM says:

    Hey Sheryl!!

    So glad to see you here again. What a ride as you said, had not experienced something as challenging as these past months. Omg…

    Much love to you and your daughter. You are both in my thoughts. I can see how challenging is to be a mother, eventhough I am not yet one, I see my own mother being always concerned about me and much more since for both of us life changed so dramatically in the past three years.

  7. Kate I says:

    Sheryl, I’m so glad to hear that your daughter’s condition has improved enough for her to come home and what a blessing (for both of you) that you’ve been able to take this time to be with her. You have both been on my mind and I’ve been sending thoughts of love and healing energy. I’ll be looking forward to your channeling video’s.

  8. {{{{Sheryl}}}}

    I had no idea that your daughter was still in the hospital. Your strength and wisdom undoubtedly has been a wealth of support for her and everyone around her.

    It seems so many of us are experiencing great life trials at this moment in our history. I feel like I’m going through a “final challenge,” to move on to the next human frequency. I expect it will all work out ultimately…but it sure is tough while you’re going through it!

    Thank you for posting the video of you channeling. There is something about seeing and hearing the channeling as it occurs that transmits even more of the frequency that carries the message.

    Wishing you and your daughter God-speed!

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