What are you going to choose for yourself?

Message from the Lady of the Sun

So many of you seems to be standing or sitting around lately just waiting for “us” in the spiritual realm to start to tell you what you may do to fulfil your spiritual contracts for this life time. Well the wait is over.

It is important for you to know that it is a time for you to CHOOSE what it is that you desire. All that you came here to learn and to do as part of you contact with the divine is completed. Some call this clearing your Karma. The payback is completed and it is time to move on to being and doing all that you can to grow and enjoy the life that you desire.

It is up to all of you to CHOOSE what you want from this day forth. To spend some time thinking about your desire and to begin to act in ways that demonstrate to us in spirit that you truly want these desires in your life.

For many of you say one thing and do another and the messages we receive about your desires are mixed and we are uncertain how to be support you. For example, our scribe is planning on working from home and doing work that she loves to do, and at the same time keeps checking the job posting boards for a suitable job. This leaves us uncertain as to what she truly desires. Does she want to work at home or does she want to work in the community?

Until the actions and the stated desire are matching up, it is not likely that anything will manifest for the messages to the universe are unclear. It is time to change that.

If there is something that you really desire, then let your actions, thoughts and the words that you speak match with that desire. If you desire to work at home, this is what we would like you to do knowing that we are co-creating an ideal future life with you

Let us know what you would like and the conditions of your work, such as

  • Working how many days/ hours per week
  • What type of work you would like to do
  • Who you would like to be working with
  • How you would like your work and life to be balanced
  • How much money you would like to make
  • And so on…

Give us  details about your true desires, yet leaving it open for us to guide you into something even greater which can be done by adding a statement to your desire such as “this or something even better” so that we can pull from the highest possible outcome for your soul and send you ideas and people who can move you to a place beyond what your mind can imagine right now.

And then, make your actions consistent with your desires:

  • If you want to work at home, stop looking for outside jobs
  • Spend your time preparing for this new vision of your life
  • Do tasks that move you towards your desires
  • Talk about your desire as if it is already a reality – for it is in the realm of creation
  • And if you find yourself thinking thoughts of why your desire is not possible – stop those thoughts and think of how wonderful it will be when you have what you desire
  • And most important – Ask your guides and angels for help to manifest what you desire for we cannot interfere and can only assist when asked – and you will be amazed at all of the ways in which help will come to you – as long as you are open to receive this help

It is a time of decision as you move into your new way of being. The scale has tipped, the karma has been cleared, the lessons have been learned and the time has come for you to take on the role of co-creator of your life – co-creator in the sense that you make the decisions about what you desire and you ask us to help make your dreams a reality.

For we don’t tell you what to do but support what you tell us you desire through your words, thoughts and actions.

So, what are you going to choose for yourself?


5 Responses to What are you going to choose for yourself?

  1. sheryl says:

    I’m glad you found this message helpful. It was also what I needed to hear yesterday and spent time today making a decision about what working conditions I would love to see in my life.

    I know that it’s time for me to seriously start my work supporting other lightworkers. The new journey begins today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! ‘Cause I’ve been feeling a little guilty about wanting a future where I DON’T have to work, but I am going to shuck that feeling as of right now!! My desire is to buy a big fat catamaran sailboat so that when summer is over here, we can sail south and follow the sun and always be tan and warm, swimming with the turtles and dolphins and eagle rays, eating fresh fish and mangoes…. ahhhhh. why not?! lovely, lovely, lovely. makes me think of the Sade song that goes “I want it! I want it! I want it!”

  3. krystal28 says:

    perfect timing for me with this message, thank you so much, Sheryl

  4. My “dearest” mother….
    really this was fantastically, beacuse I was and still I’m very dispersive, although I awlwais try policy myself about it.
    But last years the things became very, very difficult. I’m working
    since 1958, (when was 18 years old), I’m brasilian, sorry you know… my life better than me…. so no retired yet… must work to
    sustent myself. etc.etc.
    At this last months… reading how to reorganize my ideas…and your
    artcle will help a lot..
    Thanks and thanks today I wil do my best to put all my ideas in the
    paper and select exactly what I need quickly, in six months and so on. Really will do my “Strategic Work Plan”.
    Hope to return soon with good news.

  5. Kate I says:

    oooooh…what a great message! Thank you so much. I’ve been feeling as though I’m in a holding pattern lately..flying in circles over the airport so to speak. I’ve also been thinking that maybe I don’t have to know exactly what I need to do next but little “acts” pointing myself in the right directions would be helpful and not as overwhelming as a giant step into the unknown.

    Thanks for the nudge! Just the Sunday morning inspiration that I needed.

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