Wow – how time has flown and 11-11-11 is just a few days away. To me it has felt like the energy has been building up to something, but I don’t really know what that something is and when I ask the Lady of the Sun, I’m told to wait and see. So I guess that I have to wait and see. These spirit beings can be so frustrating at times.

For me, the past few weeks have been very intense, but it also feels like the kind of activity that leads up to Christmas day. There is so much happening, so much to do, and such a wide range of emotions from frustration to pure joy.

I was told that Oct 28 – Nov 11 would be a time of transition, I was just not told how intense this time would be. It felt like so many things needed to be fit into a short period of time which is just like how it used to be for me during the weeks leading up to Christmas. And, I feel the anticipation of something magical about to happen.

As many of your know, I’ve been supporting my daughter through a serious illness since the spring. And we recently went through another 3 weeks of her being in hospital, with the doctors not really knowing what to do to help her. For me, it was a very challenging time and it really brought up many, many issues that I needed to deal with, things that I thought I had resolved, but found out that I still had some lessons to learn.

And the lessons, just keep coming. Seems like everyday something else is brought to ma awareness that I need to do something about. I am learning so much about myself and the world around me. Feels like having an entire semester of school crammed into a 4 week time slot. It has been intense and it has been a time of transformation.

Feels like I am getting ready for something big, but again, I’m not being given any information about what that might be, just a tease now and then that I will be happily surprised. I am trying to be patient, but that has never been easy for me. Guess that’s another lesson I need to learn during this time.

The one thing that I have been consistently reminded to do to support this transformation process is to do the “Raise Your Vibration” meditation that I posted as an audio the other day. The Lady of the Sun gave me this process to do and I can’t believe how different I am feeling after using it most days for about 6 weeks.

I don’t really know what it is doing, I just know that I can physically feel the energy moving in my body as the energy work is being done. And when it gets to the part about the angels working on my chakras, I really can feel the energy. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but that only lasts for a few moment while the energy adjustments are being made. Everyone I’ve talked to has had a different experience – seems to do just what it needs to do for each person.

This has helped me so much and I’ve been asked to share it with everyone. I’m in the process of having a sound track with binaural beats made to provide background music and sounds that make this a much more powerful process. Once this is ready, it will be available for download at no cost. I’ll let you know when this is ready.

I hope you are managing to stay grounded and comfortable during this time of intense change. And don’t worry if you have not gone through the kind of turmoil I’ve experienced. Perhaps you are one of the light workers who have already done the work that needed to be done.

Or perhaps you are like me, and for some reason, I signed up to do this work for my own soul and to support others by doing this work so they don’t have to.  If it has been really challenging, you can be sure that you are one who is carrying others through this process.

I’m spending Thursday to Sunday participating in a conference featuring Steve Rother, Pepper Lewis and James Twyman, 3 of my favorite lightworkers. Instead of being there in the flesh, it is possible to be there via the magic of the internet. I love this new technology.

I’ll let you know what happens after 11-11-11. I’m expecting something big to happen, just don’t know what yet.

Love & light, sheryl


4 Responses to 11-11-11

  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg! one of the reasons that I love to read your posts is because I can so relate. What a challenging time indeed! Ever since the 28th, which I thought was going to be all soft golden and groovy, it has been such intense pressure that I feel like I am about to explode. Still, I am expecting something wonderful as well and am never going to give up on my prayers and dreams!
    I hope your daughter is doing better. Much love and light to you both.

  2. Louise Leckner says:

    Hi Sheryl, same here. There doesn’t seem to be much “coasting” on this rollercoaster ride any longer and I’ve been on it more than 25 years! It’s almost unbelievable that 11.11.11 is almost here. Through all the crazy, there definitely is some palpable in the air…exciting and hopeful and light-filled….something we’ve all been working towards for so long. Thank you for your contributions to the evolution. I plan to be in NYC for Celia Fenn’s meditation in Central Park. My prayers and love are with you and your daughter. In peace, love and light, Louise

  3. heartlightdg says:

    I have written about this feeling of anticipation I have going on. It’s like I am standing on the edge of a cliff getting ready to jump, leap, fly off into the unknown. I am not scared though. Just waiting for the sign to jump! Into what, I don’t have a clue….
    I have not had the kinds of issues you have had lately, think I went through all that about a decade ago and earlier. I just have physical issues going on for myself, way too many aches and pains. Doesn’t make for comfortable living, can’t wait to wake up feeling great again!
    Hugs to you. I look forward to the addition to the chakra meditation.

  4. Kate I says:

    Sheryl, the 11-11-11 event sounds great…I love both Steve Rother and Pepper Lewis. I’ll be doing an evening event on line with Veronica Torres and Eloheim.

    I’m finding the recent energy to be challenging – very up and down and I can’t seem to find…and stay at…my center, as easily as before. I’ll look forward to your meditation with the binaural beats. I too feel a great sense of anticipation and excitement but I’m not sure what it’s about. I like the feeling though, so I’m going with it!

    I hope your daughter’s recent stay in the hospital is over and that she’s feeling better. This must be so difficult for you both. Love and blessings to you.

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