Something is happening…

Yesterday a few of my friends were going through unusually difficult times. Their unhealed stuff was sure showing up to be dealt with. Seems that things are stirring up in a big way for some people.

I had the opposite experience yesterday. I was on a high, like Lauren Gorgo had described in her last post. The link for that is in a previous post. I felt amazing – better that I ever remember feeling. And remember that for me this comes on the heels of 20+ years of coping with depression. I had a great day! If this is a taste of things to come, I’m in!

In order to stay grounded, I used the Raising Your Vibration meditation that I also posted a few days ago. It allows for energy work to happen in your body, grounds you to the earth and connects you to Source. It helped me to stay in my body and the energy shifts I felt using this were somewhat uncomfortable at the time, but really left me feeling good.

I had a gifted musician create music for this meditation and I will have it posted as soon as I can sort out the technical issues that have come up. I’ve been having very strange things happening with my computer today.

The downside of my bliss yesterday was that I was so wound up that I had trouble sleeping and woke up tired. I was still feeling good, but my body was pasted to my lazy boy chair for the day. Feel like I weighed an extra hundred pounds today.

Spent most of the day online listening to the speakers at the 11-11-11 conference that Steve Rother is hosting. Did not hear anything really new today, but could sure feel the energy in my body. I often think that the talking is just what keeps us entertained while our spirit friends work on our energy system. I’ve been having amazing rushes of energy all day.

Not sure what all of this means yet, I just know that something big is happening. It’s really feeling like Christmas eve to me. Can’t wait to see what gifts I am given tomorrow.

Enjoy the ride – sheryl


One Response to Something is happening…

  1. Leigh Livingstone says:

    InLaKesh Sheryl. Blessings, love and light to you. Happy emerging and rebirthing xxx

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