I hesitate to write this…

So much has been happening lately and I really have felt uncertain whether or not it is a good idea to share my story. When anything I experience does not fit in with what I think to be “normal”, I feel afraid to tell anyone about it. I still have some fears of being seen to be “crazy”, but one of my guides put it very nicely…

“It is easier for you to talk about being “crazy” than it is for you to talk about being gifted. Interesting.”

But, in spite of how I feel, I am going to share the story of my life right now. I’ve been assured by my spirit friends that I am not the only one going through this type of transition, I’m just one of the brave & gifted ones who has chosen to talk about it.

But first the good news….. My daughter who was in hospital for over 6 months this year is doing VERY well. About a week after 11-11-11 and another stay in intensive care, she woke up one day and felt well. The terrible pain that she had for many years is gone and she is feeling good. It was such a blessing to have spent a few days with her and see her joyful and hear her laughter. What a gift!

From my perspective this has been a miracle. Yes, she still has a drainage tube coming out of her kidney and she still has trouble walking, but the improvement has been so amazing and happened so quickly that the only way I can describe it is miraculous.

The interesting thing for me is that it happened at a time when I got completely out of the way and stopped trying to help her and just turned the entire situation over to what I call God. She was in a hospital that’s a 3 hour drive from us and was waiting to be transferred to the hospital near my home, but that did not happen. I did not go and visit her and for most of her 10 day stay there, I could not even speak to her on the phone.

It was really hard to not run to her side to try to rescue her and try to make things better. My guidance was to just let go of worry and turn this over to God and the healing angels. And, I was informed that my involvement with her was actually stopping her from empowering herself to take charge of her own life and health.

And my worry energy was triggering her to worry as well which was keeping her stuck in being sick. Letting go of my compulsive need to help was actually the best way to help by just getting out of the way. And look what happened.

I don’t really understand. I am just celebrating the fact that my daughter is doing well. And, I truly believe in miracles and learned that getting out of the way is sometimes the best way to help.

I have been going through a big transition as well that I don’t even begin to understand. It is just happening and I am doing my best to just trust and let this be what it is.

I have felt so different since I did all of the activations and clearing that was part of the 11-11-11 event I participated in hosted by Steve Rother, Pepper Lewis and James Twyman. I have a hard time even explaining the difference outside of having physical sensations that left me unable to do much, emotions that were all over the place and the inability to focus on anything except for short periods of time.

It has been harder to connect to my spirit friends, was guided to no longer do personal readings, was given a new plan for my work, and have felt so confused about everything that making simple decisions is a challenge. It took me 15 minutes the other day to decide what to do to fill in an hour of time I had before an appointment. That was kind of scary.

I have had some very powerful and unusual experiences during meditation that I really don’t know how to explain. I just know that the journeys during meditation feel very real to me and have been followed by more of the above mentioned strange experiences.

So here is my feeble attempt to explain this experience of transition based on the bits of information that my guides have given me. I am in the process of clearing out everything that is not light in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and am anchoring in much more light energy. The difficult physical, emotional and mental experiences are this old energy being moved out of my body and adjustments being made to hold a higher frequency of light.

And what is coming in seems to be a higher vibrational aspect of my soul that is merging with who I know to be Sheryl. I have known this higher aspect of my soul as the Lady of the Sun. And, I must admit that even though I have been given this information, I don’t understand how this is even possible, but it seems to be happening and I certainly have enough strange symptoms to show me that something real is going on.

It seems really arrogant to me to think that it is possible for little old me who I have always viewed as the scum of the earth to merge with such an amazing being of light that I know the Lady of the Sun to be, but she assures me that this is the new way of working with spiritual beings who are really a separated part of who we are. It’s part of what has been called “Oneness” and is a concept that I am just starting to understand.

I’m just having a really hard time taking this in even thought at some level, I know this is true. Divine beings who have been working from the other side of the veil are integrating with us mere mortals so that they can get on with the work that there are here to do while co-inhabiting a physical body.

For some time now, I have know that we have 12 multidimensional aspects of ourselves that exist in different times and dimensions and that at some point this will all merge while we are in physical form, something that has not been part of the human experience except for a very few enlightened beings. I understand that this will become the new “normal”.

I learned a process from a workshop I did with Steve Rother to identify these aspects of self which I now know about and I have been given bits and pieces of information about this over time, but I have never talked about it, until now.

I have hesitated to talk about because it never made logical sense to me and sounded “crazy”, but I now understand that this is what I am experiencing. And who I have called the Lady of the Sun is an aspect of my soul from another dimension in what I know to be the future. Oh my goodness, this sounds strange, but again, at some level I know this to be true.

Not sure yet what is going to happen with my ability to share channeled information. I have been assured that this will continue to happen, just in a different way and that I am being connected with other spiritual beings for whom I will be acting as a scribe.

So, with all of this happening, you will be seeing many changes in the work I am doing and the information that I am being asked to share. I am setting up some websites for this new information and will be moving the blog in the near future.

I will continue to share my incredible journey with you because I know that I’m not the only person who is changing and transforming and part of my job description is to share information with fellow lightworkers. And if you are reading this message, this includes you.

Now, on to another day of adventure.

Love & light, Sheryl


13 Responses to I hesitate to write this…

  1. Karen says:

    Oops, I meant The Golden Lady of my Heart.
    Your words are very helpful and encouraging. Something happened after the solstice. Many people I know, including myself, have become ill with long lasting and painful flu symptoms, while others report feeling exceptionally good. Feels like another energy shift to me. I read a channeled message that said we are preparing to increase our energy capacity by 10 times. I believe raising our energy vibration will allow us to merge with our higher selves.
    Looking forward to reading your next posting!

  2. Karen Goodwater says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to know I am not alone. I was blessed to meet the Golden Lady fo My Heart in the year 2000. I am both honored and humbled now that I understand who she really is.

  3. Michael says:

    HI Sheryl,
    I am glad i met you and thank you for sharing your thoughts because helps me to know i’m not strange the only person to have experiences that well just not normal according to society. Everything you shared makes sense to me and yet not sure why it does. I feel like something is pulling me here to your words or site. I feel the need to move forward but not sure why or if i am. Thank you again and happy to hear your daughter is doing well.


  4. Chuck Page says:

    Hi Sheryl

    I think many of us are going through these changes and taping into the new wave of energy coming in. It is very important to clear and let go of all emotional baggage now in preparation for the coming year. This year has been a roller coaster for me but has finally leveled out. I have been doing constant clearing, letting go, acceptance of the moment and following the direction of my higher self.
    Got to stay out the mind which is concerned with past and future and must stay in the heart which connect to your higher being and lives in the now. Stay in present, aware, and conscious and not letting feelings or thoughts of the mind take over.

    I find the Sedona Method works great for me along with Ho’oponopono. I am on a journey testing these methods along with other philosophies for three months, writing a daily blog which will be the basis of a book.

    See my blog for more.

    • sheryl says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sounds very familiar to me. I plan to check out your blog and follow your progress.
      Thanks for doing this work.

  5. Matariki says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Wonderful news about your daughter. I can understand the guidance which you were given about stepping back … I can also understand how you feel as a mother too. You did really well to do this … I am learning to stand back more myself and I know what a challenge it can be.
    I was thinking about you yesterday Sheryl …and how much you helped me at a time when I so needed some help. Last night I was reading something and a copy of the private message you gave me from Mother mary fell out of the book. I had printed it out a few years ago when you sent it to me.
    I wanted to let you know how appreciated and loved you are … you do so much for others ..and it is great to hear how things are expanding in the most magical ways for you.
    Sending you love and wishing you every happiness.

    BTW – loving the snow on your page …. it is snowing here at the moment. 🙂

    Much Love

  6. heartlightdg says:

    So glad you were brave enough to share this with us. And very happy for you that your daughter is much better. How exciting for you on the new aspects emerging in your life. I look forward to hearing more!

  7. sheryl says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Seems to be so much going on at this time on the planet, new experiences and a new way of understanding who we really are. I really appreciate your support.

  8. Cindy says:


    i have been anticipating 11:11:11. This idea that we are detoxing alot of the past and really fast since 11:11 :11 is what i seem to be doing. Seems my wisdom is more solid and i too feel this older wisdom manefesting deep within. Before I could talk of this, now it seems I’m living it more. I seem more empathic to so called enemies, and feel this sort of earth mama energy that all women have as a part of their divine femenine energy. I’m so excited to be a light worker and am really excited to lose this victim mentalty that hit me after a rough divorce. Seems I lost all my UMPH and now it seems to be back Yet in a more wise manner. Its like just BE to manesfest instead of Do alot of hard work worrry sick youll get paid and struggle to rather have faith and KNOW and just Be pure love as Christ or Budda and watch love make it all work. My calling has always been to show others Love and forgiveness. It was easy until my Best friends divorced me at 53. I lost my biz and son and could not regrou0 or get a job. I have made a few mistakes and Now today I’m ready to be the Light that the mayans talked about. I have lost alot YET what a good example of then and NOW. Today inspite of living with a friends and NO steady work I feel totally capable of working and it i have to work 2 minimum wage jobs at 56 because our job market does not recognize wellness profesionals then so be it. Im gonna manesfest in every way and creat and give the glory to LIGHT. xoxo

  9. krystal28 says:

    Thank you so much Sheryl, Karla and Kate for sharing these profound thoughts.

  10. KarlaSM says:

    Thank you so much dear Sheryl for sharing this part of your journey with us!! It totally makes sense for me as I myself have been experiencing something awesome lately, very similar to your own experience.

    I have no idea of who or what my higher aspects are but, two nights ago I experienced a walk in phenomenom which I had experienced before once or twice for a brief moment. It usually happens at night, don’t know why but it was such an awesome feeling. I felt exaclty how you describe it: like a future self. I felt so much older, peaceful and calm, different in many ways, and when I woke up the next day I was back to my old self lol.

    Also a whole bunch of symptoms and clearings, I feel much more clear too but not yet done. There are some things I have to accomplish and one is so related to your experience with your daughter. I have a partner who doesn’t live in the same country as me, and during the past months I reached the point of being so worried about certain challenges he was facing and I would worry him with mine. We totally lost communication for several reasons, it’s been hard but I have to let God take care of this situation fully and just keep walking.

    I am so happy to read this post!! Much love to you, I’m excited for you.

  11. Kate I says:

    Sheryl, first of all…thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here. It’s so helpful to the rest of us who know things are changing but haven’t quite been able to put into words what is happening. 🙂

    I’ve been experiencing additional layers of resistance coming up to be dealt with in areas that I thought I had finished clearing. It felt at first like I had taken several steps backwards but know of course, that we do this stuff in layers and am now seeing it as a gift to be unwrapped and embraced rather than resisted. It almost has a feeling of celebration around it now…like I’m really getting to the end of it.

    I’ve also had a huge increase in my physical energy which began about a week before 11 11 11. I’ve never had a lot of energy and in the last 15 – 20 years I’ve had a steep and steady decline to the point that it felt as though I might actually be getting ready to leave my body in this incarnation. I’m now feeling energised, enthusiastic and am out doing a huge amount of walking which exhilarates me profoundly! It’s a huge, huge change for me and has happened very suddenly. I also feel like this is just the beginning…that it will only get better!

    I completely get what you say about the Lady of the Sun being a higher aspect of yourself…it makes so much sense. We’re in the process of aligning with our higher/spirit self and embodying it physically. It also lines up with something Kryon (Lee Carrol) said a few years ago…that our spirit guides are actually US! He also said that at that time, most people weren’t ready to hear that and I have to admit that I had a bit of resistance to it then myself. Thank you for sharing this.

    I’m so so happy to hear about your daughters improved health! My goodness…a miracle indeed! Astounding and wonderful to hear.

    Blessings to you for your openness to share all aspects of you!



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