Yes, You Can!

Message from Mother Mary

There is a need for many of you to start to pay closer attention to what you are thinking each day. For many of the challenges that you are currently facing actually start within your thoughts.

When you think “Yes I can” then you create the energy of being able to do whatever you choose to do. You create a sort of positive energy vortex that supports you in whatever it is that you are doing. You open the door to support and assistance from the spirit realms as you set this positive intention into motion.

If you face a task thinking, “No I cannot”, then just the opposite happens. You set the energy of not being able to do what you are thinking about doing and no spiritual assistance comes to your aid because you have just set the intention that you cannot and will not do something.

Don’t be fooled by how you phrase your thoughts, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I am not capable” all set the same tone and intention of not bringing what you want into being.

We recognize that for many of you that what is behind these negative thoughts is actually fear. You use “I can’t, I won’t, I am not capable” as a cover for this fear – most often the fear of what might happen if you actually do what you are thinking about doing.

Your fears and your thoughts work together as a sort of protective mechanism for you. It is like you are attempting to save yourself the possibility of pain by not even trying. And I want to say that again, you are saving yourself the possibility of pain.

And what is a possibility? Another thought. It is the thought that because something happened in the past, it might just happen again in the future if you dare to take the risk and do that which you have fear of doing.

It all comes down to your thoughts. That is the block for most of you, just distorted thinking, something that you learned to do as a child to maintain a level of safety as a child.

The difference is that you are now adults, living in a different situation with so many more skills and resources than you had as a child. The risk of the same thing happening again that happened in the past is so remote that there is no reason to have any fear. It is highly unlikely that the same thing would ever happen again, and if it does, you are well equipped to deal with the situation – and – now you know you have abundant help from the spiritual realms.

So, we say, it is time to move forward into doing what you came here to do. You need not let distorted thinking stop you from pursuing any dream that you have. What you are passionate about IS your soul work that you are being called to do through the feeling of passion.

So, how to get over this block of distorted thinking. It’s really quite simple, change your thoughts. And while it may be a challenge for some to change your thoughts right away, you all CAN change what you speak about and what you write about.

You may be thinking, “I can’t do that” but you can get around this protective mechanism by saying out loud or writing down. I can do that – or better still – I am doing that. Just this simple shift changes everything.

At first is may feel scary or difficult and that is where we in spirit come in. When you have that feeling just add the word “Help” to your statement and help is on it’s way. You can change your statement to “I am doing that and I am getting help from my guides and angels.”

That is all it takes my friends. Just a simple shift in what you say to yourself. Try this when you feel afraid of doing something and see what happens. We are here to help and you all have the gifts and abilities to do so many amazing things to change your life and the planet. It’s time to get on with your work – No more excuses.



6 Responses to Yes, You Can!

  1. Beautiful, Just Beautiful! 😉

  2. Todd says:

    well how is it fair for those who have no one else to love ? on feb 14th the saddest day of the year, couples who have each make it very painful to those who are empty and alone when all they yap about is how they have each other, again hear my words , how is it fair when the universe fails to provide a girl for those who have none and want a girl to love so they can learn about relationships and fulfill the souls purpose of being born in the first place, i think all these happy couples are very cruel and selfish when they always flaunt the fact that they have someone to love, its like in your face they are happy yet all the single people are forced to be sad every day, how is that fair ?


  3. Jean says:

    With you with love Sheryl. J.

  4. […] from Spirit Speaks Yes, You Can  caught my eye today as I checked her site to see if she had posted anything new lately.  The […]

  5. Kate Street says:

    LOVE this! It has become very clear to me the choice we have in every moment between JOY/LOVE and FEAR. I have decided that when I’m going to choose JOY I will give a little smile to acknowledge my decision…and now I will add to that smile a “Yes, I Can!” 😉 Thank you!

    • Kate Street says:

      I just have to say that doing this ~ smiling, saying “YES, I can” and choosing JOY ~ has really, really opened me up in beautiful ways. I very gracefully navigated (and am continuing to navigate) a family illness with ease and yes even…JOY.

      Because I’m choosing (and believing in) my limitlessness, my husband is also reflecting this back at me. For the first time in the 7 years we’ve had children, we’ve handled illness gracefully together has partners, rather than choosing to be weary, grumpy, and at odds. It’s been so lovely! I just want to thank you again!

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