Lemurian Healers

I you think you may be a Lemurian Healer, please read this message from Mother Mary.

In loving service, Sheryl

The beings that I am guided to work with these days are beings of light that have the ability to shine in ways that has been unknown to this earth plane for many, many years as you know time to be. In the time of Lemuria, there was a large group of you who had the ability to alter matter just by using the light that you are. And part of altering matter was the ability to alter DNA in the cells of those who are around you. You are a master healer and it is time to wake up.

That is the emptiness and the feeling of desperation, the part of you with these abilities is coming alive inside of you and feels lost and far from home for the world that you are in currently is so far removed from the world that you lived in in what you know as time past. In truth, it is time parallel. For you exist in alternate realities at the same time. This will all begin to make sense to you over the next few months as you connect with that aspect of you who is a healer in Lemuria.

For the sake of clarity, I will call this part of you Sara. Sara has become more integrated with you in this lifetime than ever before and it is like she has woken up from a long dream and has found herself in a strange hostile land where almost everyone around her is sick and suffering, a condition that she has never known before. She is used to living in a world where people are generally healthy who put their own well being above most all else that they do. In this strange land she now finds herself in, this is not the case.

Sara’s role in her world is to be a healer, to work with those who for whatever reason, have forgotten the divinity of who they really are and are not taking care of themselves which opens them to dis-ease and dis-comfort. Sara’s role is to bring ease and comfort to them so that they can learn to do this for themselves.

Being in a world now where all around her is dis-ease and dis-comfort feels quite overwhelming to her. It all seems so strange, so foreign, so unknown and so overwhelming. How can she possibly help to bring ease and comfort when almost everyone  needs her healing touch and presence. It is a desperate situation and she is soon filled with despair.

What is she to do with all of this pressure to help the world around her. How is she to manage when she feels so alone. How is she able to care for herself when so many others are in greater need that she seems to be. What is she to do?

Sara is guided to do what she is well trained to do and that is to tune into the life force energy of the divine and firstly fill herself up. She needs to accept that this is the way things are for now and this is where she has been guided to be at this moment in what she knows to be time. Right place, right time, right person, right resources. It has all come together.

Sara begins by accepting the situation and saying thanks for the opportunity to once again be a coworker with God, doing his/her work on the planet with the people who are sent to her to be guided into healing. For in truth, while she is a healer, it is not she who does the healing. She sets the stage for ease and comfort while the healing occurs. This process happens between the individual in need and God. She is the conduit, the earthly presence who facilitates the process.

This is why things are feeling so out of sorts for you right now. You have reconnected with your own version of Sara, an aspect of your soul who is incarnate on earth to bring ease and comfort to people so that their healing is facilitated. This is a new role that you are being guided to take on and it means great changes and leaving many of the old limited ways of being behind.

Your Sara has a connection and awareness that this is divine. This information is currently being integrated with your present consciousness and this will feel strange for some time to come. Expect the transition to continue into about March as the knowledge that your Sara aspect has is integrating. Soon, you will share her memories, gifts, abilities and mission on earth.

The process has started already and will continue until it is completed. Once this is done, the feeling of despair and pain will completely disappear for Sara’s first “Patient” will be you. She will apply her gifts and abilities to bring ease and comfort to you and your life. This may appear to some to be sort of a miracle healing that will take place and know that your life will never be the same. This is your destiny, child, what you have been waiting until now to learn about. Your job, your mission as healer has begun.

Know that you will not be alone on this journey, for there are many who are having similar experiences who are also in the process of integrating with aspects of themselves from parallel realities. You are not alone and you will be guided to others who can support you in this awakening, for this is what is happening, you are awakening to the truth of who you really are, a divine child of God.

Blessings as you now walk consciously on your journey towards wholeness.

Call on me for help and guidance for I am here to work with the healers.

Blessings my child from Mary, your divine mother


33 Responses to Lemurian Healers

  1. Tamara Brummer says:

    I need more information… Thank you for posting this!!! 💙

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest about Lemuria! Please keep sharing!

  3. tiger says:

    Request for contact info for healing lemurian essences and crystals thank you blessings tiger

  4. Joana says:

    Now i understand where i come from and what i have to do it now! It is such a lonely path but it has to be. I can heal others and myself from pain with God’s prayer. I had the proof about a month ago with my mother. I never eard about Lemuria, till some weeks ago. I find a connection there. I always knew that we healers are not welcome to the young souls place, they look at me in the street like if i was a stranger. Now everything makes sense.
    God bless everyone.

  5. Ted says:

    I had a vision by the river a few years back seeing the most beautiful man and woman with dark black hair and brown skin together preparing for what seemed to be a wedding ceremony. These people had tails and were living in what seemed to be a magical forest. I was one of them living in the trees. I was told sternly ” You must remember this day!” What do you believe this means? I have my own thoughts but would like to hear honest and sincere ones.

  6. Cindee Chapman says:

    This blog really spoke to me. Can you tell me when it was published?

  7. Luis Fernando says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I am a 42 y/o male and I live in south america. I have
    Known about Lemuria and Atlantis for many years now; just like healers and shamams.. But today I experinced discovering myself as a Lemurian and the dots connected. I am a healer and like you all, I am here to be of help. Thx

  8. Alexandria says:

    I recently discovered that I am a Lemurian and now my whole life makes sense.
    Thank you for a lovely channelling it explains more that I need to know.
    Love light and blessings

  9. Angie says:

    hi, i know i am a lemurian healer from way back, a revered one, i have forgotten who i am, now i am 46 and remembering………all my world view and belief patterns have turned upside down and inside out………just all of a sudden one day i woke up and everything seemed different, my mind and heart was so open i couldnt not sit in the limited world i had been in…………..i have no idea what to do but i am craving to heal others……..i dont claim to be a healer, but i know deep inside i am……what do i do now?????????

    • Alexandria says:

      Hi you are not on your own. I too am 46 and feel exactly as you describe.

      I too feel lost but I am sure we will be guided on our way ahead.

      God bless
      Alex x

      • Nice too know that there are many other lemurian healer around 🙂 I have struggle for a long while to understand why my hands move automatically when i do Reconnective healing for people. It was from Judy Satori that i found out my lemurian connection and realized that i have a lemurian healing lineage. I am going to start my wordpress site and post some of the channel drawings soon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    everything happens for a reason
    blessings infinity

  11. Cindy says:

    I have been resonating with mother mary for 10 years. last year I read theresa of Avilar called intering the castle. This nun could levitate once she yet believed. I have been tested losing my marriage private practice, custody of my son because i got so depressed i could not watch him. met rick a healer, came to Dayton with him to rest and heal. can’t run away from self and the issues started. Today im here at Ricks accepting its all happened perfect for God’s work. i think Rick is the man for me, YET must let this all play out and Believe since 11:11:11 it has all shifted. Daily I get more spirit and less ego which is giving me the strength to pick up my wings and continue answering God’s calling to help others realize thier divinity and POWER to change and change the world.
    Thanks for being here. xo nameste to all my healers!!!!!

  12. Grateful for your very resonanting message. Most of my life Source has tapped me on the shoulder, and I have had a most interesting life on both sides, joyfully inspired when I wasnt even looking:o) AND painfully noticing the difficulties and dis-ease in life.
    In my nursing work, I had the experiences of “knowing” who we would keep and who we would let go…co-workers called me a “witch” and I was shunned from many a job. I called it my God-Connection because there were times I just did what I did without thought or choice…grateful for the guidance these experiences turned out in the best interest of all concerned.
    I had one “self healing” in a Science of Mind Retreat…
    maintaining the knowledge that the Divine IS: And oh how the dis-ease and dis-comfort of the world has overwhelmed me, getting somewhat lost along the way…I too have found I need a Nurse like me and a Provider for my Sustainence I have only to return to Source. I Pray for US ALL, Feeling like Alice with my nose pressed against the Mirror…wanting to break on through to the other side…
    sleeping alot, dreams and thoughts of all the good, the bad and the ugly streaming through my thoughts, praying for divine filtration, discernment, help and healing as I was able to provide in my work.
    Hospice Care had become my heart, yet alas there has been no more work at this point for me.
    I Pray for what is next and most loving for me to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blessings of love and light….

    • Bert says:

      BION I’m imsresped! Cool post!

    • Penny Cass says:

      Hi Laura, 6 years later it seems I find your post. Big things started to happen for me too, very possibly on 11 11 11 ( I have to do the exact math).
      Well having for nearly two years now been on a path of new inner learning or refinement , to do with Source, Light, Dreams, Dark, my natural witch sensibility… having been told I have s high crystal healer in Lumeria past life I found and resonated with this channel message – and with your response to that.
      How is it all for you nowadays?
      Blessings from Penny (Mutual Realigning Light Worker)

  13. Cynthia, Light a ray of the great Spirit says:

    wow this is so true for me! I have gone through so much int past months and just had a very different birthday celebration with a small group of friends asking them to join me in celebration of my transformation. Honoring myself. Celebrating my “I am” ness. My “ALL is right” edness. composting the old patterns that do not serve me, returning them to the earth. With song and chant. Something I have never done before though I will do it again. One friend came in and said she was needing calm. She chose “calm” from a bowl, so unplanned, and said she was leaving “calm” as she left and she looked calm too!! It was a beautiful thing to take care of myself and be a conduit of blessings for others! ~:)Blessings to all of you and yours! Cynthia

  14. Anonymous says:

    I too really felt this spoke to me. Thank you. I cried when I read it. Blessings to you (all) as we move more and more into the Love and Light that we are.

    • Inara says:

      Thanks, this message spoke to me as I feel it will speak to others like us and came when I needed the reassurance that what I was hearing was right ..
      Namaste xxx

  15. Jamie says:

    Your message spoke to me as well. It came at a much needed time. It was eerily accurate for where I am at. I have felt the presence of Mary in my healing sessions and have been doing work to integrate my past life in lemuria into the present. I also had to do work by journeying to Lemuria with regard to a soul from that life who is currently in this life as well. I was able to meet myself in that life and gain knowledge and assist healing for both lives. Blessings

  16. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Elaine,

    I just read your reply. What an incredible experience. I feel a connection to you and your experiences particularly concerning Mother Mary.
    This message from Sheryl spoke to me last year when I was going through a rough time. Since then a lot of things have happened and I have even begun to hear Mary’s words myself.
    I am also a Reiki Master so that part of your reply resonated with me as well.
    Drop by on my blog sometime .. and maybe we could have more of a chat.
    Take care

  17. benedito barbosa filho says:

    Estou chegando agora.Parabens pela pagina.Vou estudar mais alguns artigos publicados.SOU DE SALVADOR BAHIA.
    Estou as ordens.

  18. jane says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations of books about Lemurian Healers? I’m interested in finding out more about what type of healing they did. Also, if anyone knows a Lemurian Healers they can put me in touch with. Thanks. Peace.

  19. nelson charles rotermund says:

    I m here ready to star….in my life,once, someone said that I m “enemy of the enemy s of the Light”. I always waited for something like this and I m feeling the same pain as you described….

  20. Rosana says:

    I also feel that this message speaks directly to me. I’ve been having many dreams about lemuria for the past 2 years or so but I don’t remember every detail. I heard a voice calling me “Miriam” a couple of times and a lady appeared by my bed sometime ago saying that she knew me as Miriam, (I was semi awake) so this has been puzzling me since. Yesterday i received a message from a friend who started channeling saying that Miriam is my lemurian aspect but I don’t know exactly what her role was in Lemuria. I’d like to ask you Sheryl, or anyone here if you have any information about this Miriam of Lemuria. Thank you.
    Love and Light

  21. Мне вообщем-то не понравилось)
    Это — невыносимо.
    Мне кажется, что это уже обсуждалось, воспользуйтесь поиском по форуму.
    Прошу прощения, что вмешался… Мне знакома эта ситуация. Приглашаю к обсуждению. Пишите здесь или в PM.
    Браво, какие слова…, отличная мысль

  22. Спасибо автору блога, нашел много полезной информации.
    Кстати а как подписаться на обновления то.

  23. deepthi says:

    very timely beautiful message ..thank you.. the integrating of all our aspects part is so resonating with me.

  24. Kate I says:

    Cheryl, these words speak to me also. I have felt for most of my life as though I have been separated from who I really am and it’s been a steady but slow process of reunion. In the past year, there has been a feeling of urgency to open more fully to my divine self and integrate that into my physical being. Thanks for posting this.

  25. Joshua Fendley says:

    Good Evening,

    I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your words in regards to the healing process and those of us who in some way or another – mainly intuitive – understood the healing process and their place in it.

    I give you full permission to receive whatever is necessary from the essence of who I am to build the image of Josh. (02/07/1980) I know I am love and a living microcosym of All That Is.

    I would say not 3 months ago, I was in a conversation with one of my dearest and most intimate friends when I shared that I really felt as though I was to be a vessel for healing. The physical and non-physical. I’ve sought further understanding from a trusted intuitive spiritual consultant with whom I’ve been meeting for over 2 years and there seemed to be a lack of interest or he could have just been taking cues from my guides who often seem to play “coy.” I’m thankful for your message.


    • Elaine says:

      Thank so much…Mother Mary for this ‘sweet reminder’. Thank you Sheryl…for sharing this. All through my life, I have always had a loving and close connection with Mother Mary. With my Mom’s inspiration, she told me to pray the rosary, and always ask Mother Mary for help or whatever it might be. Not really knowing why, or even arguing with her, I just did. I started praying the rosary as a child. Then on my early 20’s or so, I would pray it religiously, and my Mom would also say, pray the rosary, when you cannot sleep, or whenever. So, I did.

      I had a ‘near death experience – car accident’ which I feel Mother MAry sis saved my life – from a very deadly car accident – that hit the divider of the freeway, my car turned over…then I collapse – was unconscious for a few minutes of so. When I woke up, i realized that my car was turned upside down, the front was bend, and broken glasses all over. The only way out, was through the back window – which was smashed. I somehow manage – really don’t know where I got the strength to do so – but crawled to the top – back…then a very strong man lifted me up…and left. When I realized and looked back to what happened in my car – a vague memory – I knew it was a miracle. But the best part of it all, was all along I was holding on the rosary that I was praying everyday – even when while driving – which I was doing that day. I did not let go of my rosary, and also no broken bones, scars/blood – from the broken glasses – did not get hurt at all. I knew that Mother Mary saved my life..and there was indeed a grand bigger reason as to why. Now, I know why it happened. I know now the reason, why I am here….and have always known after my Reiki attunement – as a Reiki Master, that I am a ‘natural Healer’….meant to help others. This message that you shared with my Sheryl, really answered my questions, for I knew that I was somehow a part of the Lemuria – not really knowing what. I just knew that I was a Healer even back then, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis….which I am discovering now. And now that I know this, I am indeed allowing this to happen in my life now, and to remember and know my gifts – to allow my gifts to be awaken – to be empowered, so I can finally do what I promise God, and Mother Mary. So, again, I thank you Sheryl. I hope with your guidance, you will help me also….not sure what – but I have a feeling you will.. Blessings to you Sheryl, and to others….

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