How have you been doing survey results

November 25, 2011

Here’s the results from the survey to find out how people are doing since 11-11-11. Thanks for participating.

40 people took the survey. Seems like I am not the only one who has noticed a lot of things changing in the last couple of weeks.

Here’s the results:

Not at all Somewhat A lot Very much Oh my goodness!
I have experienced unusual physical and/or emotional symptoms since 11-11-11 6 (15%) 8 (20%) 6 (15%) 7 (17.5%) 13 (32.5%)
My interests have been changing in the past few months 8 (20.51%) 6 (15.38%) 12 (30.77%) 8 (20.51%) 5 (12.82%)
It has been getting easier to tune into my inner guidance 8 (20%) 7 (17.5%) 14 (35%) 7 (17.5%) 4 (10%)
I feel like positive changes are on the way 4 (10%) 6 (15%) 5 (12.5%) 15 (37.5%) 10 (25%)
I have experienced periods of spiritual bliss 6 (15%) 14 (35%) 8 (20%) 6 (15%) 6 (15%)
I feel guided to make significant changes in my life 3 (7.5%) 10 (25%) 8 (20%) 12 (30%) 7 (17.5%)

How are you doing since 11-11-11?

November 20, 2011

I’ve heard from many people that they have been experiencing unusual physical and emotional challenges since 11-11-11. Thought it might be fun to do a quick survey to find out how the energy shift is affecting people. The survey closes on Fri, Nov 25. I’ll post the results next weekend.

Just click on “Take Our Survey” below to share how you are doing.

11-11-11 Update

November 17, 2011

Message from the Lady of the Sun

Much has changed on your planet since the 11-11-11 activations were completed around the world. And it is not that the date caused anything to happen, but the date was chosen to set the intention to move towards a world that was more aligned with peace and joy & light.

And I am pleased to share with you that the job was done, and done well, for a wave of light was created by the many, many people who focused on light that day. And this wave has gone around the world and is shifting the energy of living beings and the planet itself. Everything is becoming lighter.

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Something is happening…

November 10, 2011

Yesterday a few of my friends were going through unusually difficult times. Their unhealed stuff was sure showing up to be dealt with. Seems that things are stirring up in a big way for some people.

I had the opposite experience yesterday. I was on a high, like Lauren Gorgo had described in her last post. The link for that is in a previous post. I felt amazing – better that I ever remember feeling. And remember that for me this comes on the heels of 20+ years of coping with depression. I had a great day! If this is a taste of things to come, I’m in! Read the rest of this entry »

11-11 Angelic Higher Self Activation

November 10, 2011

More information about 11-11-11

November 8, 2011

Lauren Gorgo’s latest post that came out today has some more detailed information about what is happening on planet earth.

Here’s the link


November 8, 2011

Wow – how time has flown and 11-11-11 is just a few days away. To me it has felt like the energy has been building up to something, but I don’t really know what that something is and when I ask the Lady of the Sun, I’m told to wait and see. So I guess that I have to wait and see. These spirit beings can be so frustrating at times.

For me, the past few weeks have been very intense, but it also feels like the kind of activity that leads up to Christmas day. There is so much happening, so much to do, and such a wide range of emotions from frustration to pure joy. Read the rest of this entry »