11-11-11 Update

Message from the Lady of the Sun

Much has changed on your planet since the 11-11-11 activations were completed around the world. And it is not that the date caused anything to happen, but the date was chosen to set the intention to move towards a world that was more aligned with peace and joy & light.

And I am pleased to share with you that the job was done, and done well, for a wave of light was created by the many, many people who focused on light that day. And this wave has gone around the world and is shifting the energy of living beings and the planet itself. Everything is becoming lighter.

And we are aware that many of you have been feeling somewhat uncomfortable since that wave was created like this being I speak through. Just know that for each person, the experience has been different and has been exactly what was needed for you.

Many of you used this wave of light to clear or remove old energy blocks that were holding you back from being who you are meant to be – beings of light and love. These blocks, in many people, were removed which left a flood of this old energy surging through your bodies. This is the discomfort that you felt and may still be feeling.

We want to assure you that there is nothing wrong, in fact everything is more than right, it is wonderous. For removing this blocked energy has created space for more light to be anchored into your bodies. You have just been feeling the movement of the old, which often brings old feelings back into your awareness.

These can be old emotions, old physical pain and old beliefs that seem to be affecting you right now. Just know that these have not come back to stay, but are moving out of your bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And within a short period of time and with your assistance, they will move out quickly to be replaced by an influx of light energy from the new energy wave that has circled the planet.

To ease this process for yourself, just allow these experience to be, knowing that it is like a ship passing in the night, it has not come to stay, but is moving past you to another place. Just do what feels right for you to support yourself through this time.

If you need to cry, give yourself the time and permission to cry for many of you have released old sorrow that was sitting in your cells. If you are tired, take the time to rest. If you need comfort, reach out to someone for a hug or to talk. Do whatever works for you to ease your discomfort and KNOW that this is only temporary.

Many of you will soon begin to feel what has been called spiritual bliss. Some of you have had a taste of what this feels like during one of those magical moments when you felt connected to the world in a different way. Some of you have had short periods of time when everything felt wonderful and in divine order.

What we want you to know is that this wave of light energy is clearing out the old and making more room in your body systems to allow more light to be part of your bodies. With this, these moments of spiritual bliss will increase. All you have to do is allow this to happen.

You have done a wonderful job of anchoring in more divine light. The next step is to BE this light.

Blessings, I love you LOTS!



12 Responses to 11-11-11 Update

  1. Miss Lewis says:

    I have experienced what I believe to be fits of spiritual bliss. It feels exactly like I have taken an ecstasy tablet, only it is completely natural. I get light headed, feel heart palputations, every sense is heightened, music feels and sounds better. I feel an overwhelming sense of love. I feel like I am floating, I stare at my face in the mirror with fascination, as if I am seeing myself through different eyes, for the first time.

    These waves usually last from two to four hours, than I come back to earth, lol. Afterwords, I am extremly tired and feel like taking a nap. This wave of bliss usually hits me every few days but they are becoming more frequent.

    The hardest part is staying grounded, and acting “normal” in front of my co-workers, lol.

    I also am experiencing weight gain, especially around the abdominal and I am also exeperiencing flu-like symptoms (aswell as numerous other ascention symptoms).

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    • sheryl says:

      Your experience with bliss sounds similar to mine. The last time it lasted a few hours and then I had trouble sleeping. The next day I felt tired and down by comparison.

      And I’ve gained weight around my abdomen for the first time in my life and the first few days after 11-11-11 I felt like I had the flu without actually having the flu, just achy, tired, out of sorts and blah!

  2. Cindy says:

    I am a female healer and was shocked when my depre3sion dipped really low after 11:11:11. then reading this post is making so much sense. every day I am going more to spirit and less to ego and my mind is starting to feel the light in a deeper way. YES i knew God had big plans for me and 5 years of testing has helped the process. my lesson was one of independence. God gave me alot of reject9ing me, imcludng my father and Now i get it. as i stand tall utalizing God as my source, all the rest of my needs will be supplied. Yes to graditude today and to all my family, earthings I love you so xo

  3. Linda Waugh says:

    Thank you Sheryl, you gave me a glimmer of hope. The past 4 days have been BRUTAL – physically, and emotionally. Feel like I’m back at square one (well actually even further back than that), so I’m hoping some of this will lift soon. Thanks you

  4. heartlightdg says:

    Wonderful. This helps a lot. Was wondering where all the bliss was lol! Pain is still here and several issues came to the surface that I had no idea were still there in me. But it comes in waves still, feeling pretty good for awhile then I wake up and feel yucky again.
    Thank you LOTS and Sheryl for this message.
    Hugs to you Sheryl.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this, I really needed to hear it. Confused when the seemingly promised ‘highs’ didn’t appear on 11’11 and even the loving feelings leading up to it disappeared!
    A number of emotional days followed where stuff from my past came up and boy was I a mess.

    Your wonderful message is the first one to explain the ‘ why’s ‘ in a simple and meaningful way. Susan

  6. sheryl says:

    I felt really awful for 3 days after 11-11-11. I felt depressed, did not want to do anything, could not focus on anything for more than a few minutes and felt like I had gotten the flu after being hit by a truck. Not much fun.

    Today, I’m starting to feel so much better. Not great, but better.

    Really looking forward to the bliss. I had one day of this just before 11-11-11. If that’s what is next – I’m in!

  7. KarlaSM says:

    Wonderful message!! Just what I’ve been experiencing, it has felt like a dark night of the soul and I even broke with my boyfriend, but it is temporary, I just hope things improve for us soon. For now I do feel like every night I’m shedding off so much that was blocking me. It’s amazing!!

    Much love

  8. Leigh Livingstone says:

    Hi Cheryl
    Wow, I’ve been all goosebumpy reading this.
    Weight has always been a issue for me, and over the 4 years I lost 28lbs and then regained 28lbs – with absolutely no change in my eating habits. I accepted this as ascension symptoms, with emotional ups and downs I accepted my weight fluctuations … since 11-11-11 I have lost 1lb a day – and I’m loving that – but also I KNOW that the padded protection no longer serves, and I’m making room for more light.

    Thank you for this validation.
    With love and blessings
    Leigh xxx

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have definitely been clearing! Physical ailments and all. I received a Reiki treatment today, so expecting to experience that Bliss! Thank you for this beautiful affirming post. I am looking forward to feeling lighter and freer.

  10. Tammye Dunn says:

    How beautifully reaffirming. Thank You.

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