Are you having a challenging week?

This week has been a wild ride so far….. Back on the roller coaster going very fast and I can’t seem to get off.

On Monday I had a meeting about going back to work. I start on Aug 9th. I have such mixed feelings about this, but every time I ask, I am told that this is where I need to be – for now, that this job will act as a bridge to the next phase of my work, my business and my new life.

I had a couple of rough days before the meeting, my mind doing what it does so well – anticipating the worst. But it was not like that at all. This really made me aware of how much I let my thoughts run- and most often to the worst possible outcome. This is a habit I am working on changing.

Before the meeting, I asked to speak to the rehab worker that had been assigned to me as part of my back to work plan. I thought this was pretty unnecessary and ironic to hire someone to do the same kind of job that I had been doing for the past 8 years, but that’s the rules.

I had been assigned another worker many months ago, but when it got to the point where I would not pick up the phone when I saw her name in caller id, I knew that our working relationship was not a healthy one. Sometimes people just don’t match and this was the case. So I did something that the old me would never have done, I asked to be assigned another worker.

I met with this new guy an hour before the meeting at work just to get to know each other before we went into the meeting. Until that day, we had only chatted briefly on the phone. What an unexpected surprise that was.

In my new life as a person who no longer hides behind a mask, I started telling him about all of the work I had been doing to heal and what I had been studying – like energy work, soul realignment, hand analysis and so on. In the past, I would never have talked about this stuff, but it all flowed so naturally and his reaction was a pleasant surprise – he was fascinated and wanted to know more. I even did a quick hand analysis reading for him.

We never did talk about work related issues, but I felt so good going into the actual meeting about return to work, which went really well.

The only downside of this back to work plan is that my part time hours will be spread out over 4 days per week. I must say that I had a pretty strong reaction to this news. I am so used to having days to myself that this will be a real shift. I’ve been like a hermit for the past year and I like my privacy & being at home.

And the challenge for me is that I have  a half hour drive to work and I travel with my hubby to town in the morning and home again after 4:30. This leaves me stuck in town after my shift is done at 1 pm. I was not a happy camper when I first found this out.

After pouting for a day or so, I started to look at this as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Amazing how that shift in thinking made everything feel so much better.

I’ll just take my laptop computer, my work and my books and hang out in the library, a wonderful comfortable place to be. Between that and Starbucks, I will have a portable office and can still get my business stuff done.

Besides that back to work drama that I created for myself, I’ve been feeling great one minute and like crawling in a hole the next. My body has been doing strange things which are distressing and uncomfortable, like my heart skipping beats to the point I feel dizzy and my stomach not being happy digesting most of what I’m eating. Oh the life of a roller coaster rider.

Lauren’s last post talk about what is going on, so I know it’s not just me having a challenging week and I know I’ll get through this – again.

The up side of the week is that I have been developing an open communciation channel with the lady of the sun as I prefer to call her. I’ve been getting messages for myself most days this week and she has told me something about the communication work I will be doing on her behalf. Our work together is beginning, but first….

I’m taking a few days off to visit my brother and his family at their cottage (which is fancier than our home), so it will be like spending time at a luxury resort with really good company. And even though it will be painful for me, I am leaving my computer at home. I expect to have a couple of days of withdrawal and hundreds of emails when I return, but I’m taking a break.

I expect that by the time I return from my holiday, I will have worked through the fear that I have about being the spokesperson for the lady of the sun. It feels like such an honour and I feel so unworthy, but I’m getting help with that distorted thought.

Blessings, sheryl


6 Responses to Are you having a challenging week?

  1. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    I just wanted to add that you have inspired me to start my own blog. Your courage to stand up and be who you are has spurred me on.

    Thanks .. and if you want to pay me a visit

    ..hope to see you soon

    Much love


  2. It’s all good! Roller coaster…ah yes, the feeling of being alive! Don’t know whether to scream your head off, laugh til you cry, pee in your pants, or throw up!

    For me the last couple of weeks have been more like a house of mirrors. Seeing things in strange and different ways…sometimes funny, sometimes scary, rarely like what I’d expect.

    As for the Lady of the Sun, this is clearly a blessing and an honor. Also, it is something you contracted for. If you remember that its not really YOU doing anything more than bringing forth the information, it shouldn’t engage your ego and make anything about being “worthy or not.”

  3. Eileen says:

    Yes Sheryl .. I have also found this week to be very challenging . so many buttons pushed. The interesting thing now is that we are more aware of what is happening and don’t automatically react.It has been as if we have had some of our new downloads tested 🙂

    Well done you for being your authentic self .. only then will others recognise us and will we be able to do what we have come here to do. Looks like you are doing brilliantly.

    Lauren’s right on the button – as usual 🙂



  4. Kate I says:

    Changes, changes…it all sounds good Cheryl but as we all know, changes aren’t always comfortable! Most of us tend to resist change even when we’re not happy with our lives as they are. I’m happy for you and wish you a lovely weekend retreat at “the spa”!

    Blessings, Kate

  5. Gwendolyn says:

    awesome Sheryl! I understand the roller coaster feeling as I have been going through the healing stuff too. I even dream of roller coasters when I am lucky enough to get some sleep. I feel so much energy in my body, transmuting and healing for the collective consciousness as well as myself. It has been an especially challenging week. I like my alone time as well, and get so stressed out when I do not have enough alone time to transmute energy.

  6. Karla says:

    Thank you very much sheryl! I love your honesty and your courage to share with us your experiences and lessons at this time. It is indeed a very challenging week.

    Since last weekend I have been clearing some deep wounds, and was guided to a wonderful healing session to close old contracts with some people. All in divine timing. As I integrate the session, I am forced to release further, and speak my own truth, even if this means to talk about my fears. I feel a lot of pressue on my throat chakra, and yesterday I talked with some friends. I see how all is changing fast, my friends were very direct and honest with me, bringing their support and guiding me, even if they are not so subtle when sharing their opinions.

    Before, I see how I would hide my emotions in many cases, and people around me wouldn’t be so honest with me.

    Much love to you!! Enjoy time with your family.

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